SAAB - 'Nothing On Earth Comes Close'

Tony Scott was hired to direct 'Top Gun' largely on the basis of this ad....

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Saab strength vs BMW - TopGear
1980's Saab 900 and 1980's bmw dropped from 8 ft onto roof. Results are stunning!

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Saab
On my other video "5 reasons why you should buy an old Volvo", many of you guys (especially you Swedes) wanted a Saab video so I decided to make this for you and also cause I'm greedy and I want more views since the last one really blew up!! Seriously thank you guys so much! Thank you to these youtubers for letting me steal some of their videos: Jamie_FYD: /DRIVE: Men and Motors: TheSmokingTire: Oh and if you're wondering what song I used the song is called "Ole Buttermilk Sky - Kay Kyser"

1980's Saab 900 Turbo Commercial
Car Commercial, Saab UK

Top Gear Saab 9-5