GTA 4 - 7 Player Online Police Car Racing

This is one of many races that can be done on GTA4, this one happens to be a police race with 7 players online over xbox 360 live and optioned with alot of traffic and lots of fog..... hope you like it....

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Grand Theft Auto 4 online - PC - free mode. Airport
GTA 4 - PC online video. Me and Weses ( ) in action. :D

LAPD police طور الشرطة لجراند lcpdfr0.95 rc2.avi
اسم اللعبة : GTA IV اللعبة متوفرة على الكمبيوتر فقط تحميل طور الشرطة تحميل الفورد (LAPD) CVI eptor-los-angeles-police-dept/ اعدادات الجرافيك لتشغيل السفتي رابط طور الغمازات للتواصل والاسئلة والصور :

SUNCITY is a futuristic nice place...But you have to clean the streets with your next-gen police car. Good luck - This racing game is now free on GameTop - Check the link and the review on my freeware/indie blog:

GTA 4 Police Chase
Me chasing a stolen vehicle. Please use my name, Delta0003, when posting my videos elsewhere.