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Suzuki SV 650S @ Serres Racing Circuit. Trackbike.gr

"Carpe Noctem" with his Suzuki SV 650S on Serres Racing Circuit, Greece. Video captured by Mike with the camero on his Yamaha R1.


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Racebike Autumn '09 onboard video
Ο Γιάννης Μπούστας βιντεοσκοπεί το πρώτο racebike session που διοργάνωσε το trackbike.gr το Νοέμβρη του 2009. Ξεκινά από το τέλος και ανεβαίνει μέχρι τη κορυφή εννέα λεπτά πριν τη λήξη του αγώνα! Για την ιστορία, στο racebike συμμετείχαν 24 αναβάτες. Πρώτος τερμάτισε ο Άρης Παπαπαναγής (Kawasaki ZX-6R) που όμως δεν προσμετρά στη τελική κατάταξη, καθώς είναι αναβάτης της διοργάνωσης. Πίσω του οι Σπύρος Κυρίτσης (Triumph Daytona 675), Μιχάλης Καραντζιάς (Yamaha YZF-R1) και Γιώργος Γκιζελής (Suzuki GSX-R1000), που είναι η νικητήρια τριάδα. Ευχαριστούμε τον Γιάννη Μπούστα και την Hypermotos για όλα, την Adeltech Α.Ε. που μας παραχώρησε την Sony HXR-MC1P που χρησιμοποιήθηκε για τη λήψη αυτού του video, καθώς και τους χορηγούς μας στα trackday του trackbike.gr: - bikenet.gr - το πρώτο μοτοσυκλετιστικό forum στην Ελλάδα - ebike.gr - το πρώτο ψηφιακό περιοδικό μοτοσυκλέτας - Metzeler, Intramoto και Boukis Way για τη χορηγία των ελαστικών, τη προμήθεια και τεχνική υποστήριξη των συμμετεχόντων - Jolly Cafe - La Poderosa, Ασκληπιού & Βαλτετσίου στα Εξάρχεια - ή αλλιώς, η γιάφκα των διοργανωτών.

Suzuki SV meeting
Suzuki SV meeting -- Humpolec 18. 8. 2007

Suzuki SV650S K3 Acceleration.MP4
Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5

Suzuki SV 650 S vs Ducati Monster (Camera On board)
My brother Ignacio (Ducati 620 i.e) and I (David, with Suzuki SV 650 S) with a camera on board in "Puerto del Canalí" (Alicante, Spain).

[Докатились!] Обзор Suzuki SV-650 Part1. Между молотом и наковальней
Наша группа Вконтакте https://vk.com/stopdeadbody Я вконтакте https://vk.com/kusochek_vselennoi Оператор Александр Казаков https://vk.com/id722691

Suzuki SV 650 Serres Racing Circuit April 2007 Trackday
I drive the Suzuki SV650S in front of my friend's camera. Serres Racing Circuit, Anemos & Bikenet TrackDay, April 2007. Camera on Mike's CBR400RR

Suzuki sv650 con scarico Roadsitalia
sv650 con scarico Roadsitalia in versione omologata e senza db-killer.

Suzuki SV650S v Kawasaki ER-6n v Hyosung GT650
Suzuki's hugely popular SV650S is light, masses of fun and comes with a tempting £4999 price tag. Now re-released, could this be the ultimate first big bike? To find out we took two new big bike riders and put it up against two of it's closest rivals - the Kawasaki ER-6n and Hyosung GT650...

Suzuki SV 650 Yoshimura RS-3
This is my 2006 Suzuki SV 650S With stock Exhaust, no Exhaust and Yoshimura RS-3 for sound comparison.

LRRS NHMS SV650 Motorcycle roadracing on-board camera
Motorcycle Road Racing on-board camera at NH Motor Speedway in 2008. LRRS SV650 Suzuki, Super Sport Racing.

Is the Suzuki SV650 a Beginner Bike?
I've Moved to a New Channel! - http://youtube.com/MotonosityX I try to answer the question, "Is the SV650 a good beginner bike?" Thanks Ma1iciousLogic for asking this question! Got a request of your own? Leave a comment and let me know what you want to see! Facebook: http://facebook.com/Motonosity Twitter: http://twitter.com/Motonosity Instagram: http://instagram.com/Motonosity Stickers and Shirts: http://Motonosity.com

Suzuki SV 650 crash
Suzuki SV 650 crash, Kajlovec Kamera: kardan

Lowside Crash - Ducati Monster & Suzuki SV650
Two similar motorcycle crashes. Both appear to hit uneven road before lowsiding. . Some thought suspension adjustment may have been the cause of the Ducati crash. Crashes occurred on different days and the road was in good condition. Riders were both uninjured. They both know the road and had made a number of passes before crashing. Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles has been a mecca for motorcycles & fast cars for decades. Car and motorcycle clubs are regular visitors every weekend. Jay Leno can often be found at the famous Rockstore and at a view point called Lookout talking with fellow motor enthusiasts. Crashes are common as well as a heavy police presence on most weekends. The Snake is a two mile section of Mulholland above the Rockstore. Riders usually will make multiple runs allowing me to move from corner to corner when assembling rider videos. The speed limit is 45 mph, most riders are not going much over that so the majority of tickets are crossing the line, wheelies or equipment violations. Bicycles are up here all the time but motorcycles and bikes seem to do fine together as long as the cyclists are willing to stay to the right. Cars passing them are a bigger problem since there is no shoulder and most turns are blind. I mainly shoot on the last corner coming up because I can see much of the road and photogs are expected. The turn gets it's fair share of crashes but people crash other places also just no one is filming. The top corner I shoot seem to average one crash every couple weeks in the summer, out of many hundreds of riders. 911 emergency services are rarely called and accidents are seldom reported since most riders do not get injured severely.

Suzuki SV650 vs. Kawasaki ER5
2_moto_suzuki_SV650_vs_kawasaki_ER5_twisty_road_france http://www.motobanda.com

Suzuki SV 650 N TUNDER vs Suzuki 650 S AKRAPOVIC
Suzuki SV 650 N TUNDER vs Suzuki 650 S AKRAPOVIC

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2003 Suzuki SV SV1000s: 10.893 @ 124.040
Andrew (Mongrel) McCallum, Engine: SV1000s standard, Tires: Pirelli

2003 Suzuki SV : 10.913 @ 124.240
Andrew (Mongrel) McCallum, Engine: 1000cc, Tires: Pirelli

2003 Suzuki SV 1000s: 11.044 @ 123.760
Andrew (Mongrel) McCallum, Engine: SV1000s standard, Tires: Pirelli

2004 Suzuki SV SV1000S: 11.088 @ 122.530
Josh Wooton,

2003 Suzuki SV 1000s: 11.092 @ 123.690
Andrew (Mongrel) McCallum, Engine: SV1000s standard, Tires: race slick rear

2005 Suzuki SV 1000S: 11.153 @ 122.230
Dave T., Engine: stock,

2003 Suzuki SV 1000s: 11.199 @ 120.030
Andrew (Mongrel) McCallum, Engine: Vtwin stock, Tires: race slick rear

2003 Suzuki SV 1000s: 11.209 @ 121.030
Andrew McCallum, Engine: SV1000s standard, Tires: Pirelli

2003 Suzuki SV 1000 Naked: 11.367 @ 116.880
Brandon Weimer, Engine: 1000cc V-twin,

2000 Suzuki SV SV 650S: 11.566 @ 113.190
Andrew Watson, Engine: stock engine, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: michelin pilot front 120/70 avon azuro race 160/60

2003 Suzuki SV 1000S: 11.652 @ 117.290
Sean Huffman, Engine: Stock 1000cc 90deg V-twin,

2002 Suzuki SV : 11.700 @ 113.560
Tyler Talkington, Engine: 648CC V-TWIN, Tires: DUNLOP

2002 Suzuki SV SV 650 S: 12.063 @ 108.610
Kenny Charles, Engine: stock,

2006 Suzuki SV S: 12.180 @ 107.860
Ricky A Edwards II, Engine: 645cc V-twin, Tires: 120/60/17 160/60/17

2001 Suzuki SV SV650(naked): 12.205 @ 106.160
Brandon, Engine: 645cc V-twin, Tires: Dunlop 208's

2006 Suzuki SV 650s: 12.275 @ 106.950
David Mack, Tires: Dunlap 208

2002 Suzuki SV SV650 S: 12.315 @ 105.510
Ricky, Engine: 645cc V-twin, Tires: Dunlop 208

2002 Suzuki SV 650S: 12.334 @ 104.000
Kenny Charles, Engine: stock,

2003 Suzuki SV SV650: 12.536 @ 104.090
Jared Christensen, Engine: Stock SV650,

2001 Suzuki SV 650: 12.612 @ 104.220
jason c,


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