Tuned BMW 6 series AMAZING sound!!

http://carbuzz.com/ this amazing BMW M6 was on newbury street. right next to it is a mercedes C63 AMG. If anyone knows what tuning company did this car PLEASE tell me i am extremely curious to find out what company made this incredible car?!?

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Mercedes E63 AMG LOUD onboard/outside tunnel acceleration
As many of you may remember, I made a video of a good friend's Mercedes C55 AMG a few years ago. Well, he has upgraded to an even beefier and faster AMG...the E63! This car is an absolute monster, featuring a massive 6.3 liter V8 that produces one of the best sounds in the automotive world. It's also a blast behind the wheel, and as you will see in the video, and is extremely fun to drive ;) Props to the owner Mike for the "new" car (Even though rumor has it he'll be upgrading again soon). Enjoy the video, sounds of the car, and the clip of me driving it at the end :) Remember to LIKE, comment, and subscribe for more supercar and exotic car videos!

autocoture CL63 AMG!!!
this amazing CL63 AMG tuned by autocoture was cruisin past a hotel in san francisco

La Ferrari LOUD cold start inside dealership. EPIC sound
This loud LaFerrari was seen in a dealership outside of London. The sound of the V12 when it starts is absolutely addicting! I would choose the LaFerrari over the Mclaren P1 or the Porsche 918 Spider ANY day....would you? Leave a comment letting me know, and remember to LIKE, share and subscribe for more supercar and exotic car videos!

Pagani Zonda F making NOISE in the US!!
A few weeks ago this EPIC Pagani Zonda F was in San Francisco as part of it's American tour. The Zonda is by far my favorite Pagani, its naturally aspirated V12 is one of the best sounding engines ever made, and the level of craftsmanship is unrivaled in the automotive industry. In the video you will see and hear the car start and give some great sounding revs, finishing with an acceleration that is quite epic. What do you guys think of the car, sound, and feel of the Zonda? Do you like it more than the Huayra? Let me know in a comment, and don't forget to LIKE, Subscribe, and share for more supercar and exotic car videos!