40 Year Old Virgin Clip - Steve Carell telling Jill off(with Paul Rudd and the Amy-cam)

Steve Carell using ebonics to tell Jill what's up. Also has Paul Rudd getting crazy about Amy on the video camera...hilarious stuff!!!

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40 year old virgin SmartTech
i do not own this i am simply paying tribute to a few of my favorite clips from the movie 40 year old virgin

How to Talk to Women - 40 Year old Virgin
How to talk to women in 6 steps. Learn more about seducing women on http://puamore.com Please: LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! Thank you :) In this scene from the movie "The 40 Year old Virgin" David shows Andy how to approach and start a conversation with a woman.

The 40 Year Old Virgin - Family Health Clinic Scene (1080p)
Hilarious. Fun fact, the woman explaining everything is Steve Carell's wife. Subscribe if you want to see more videos like this!

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