40 Year Old Virgin Clip - Steve Carell telling Jill off(with Paul Rudd and the Amy-cam)

Steve Carell using ebonics to tell Jill what's up. Also has Paul Rudd getting crazy about Amy on the video camera...hilarious stuff!!!

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40 year old virgin SmartTech
i do not own this i am simply paying tribute to a few of my favorite clips from the movie 40 year old virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin 4 8 Movie CLIP Date a palooza 2005 HD YouTube

40 Year Old Virgin - You think this was an accident?
Andy asking Jay if he's good looking then replies with "do you think this right here was an accident"? No copyright infringement is intended.

The 40 year Old Virgin - Jay and Kevin Hart (HD)
Kevin Hart makes a cameo appearance. Hilarious Scene Jay: I could do that Customer: Wait, wait, wait, wait last thing, last thing. I'm also gonna need that extended warranty on it for the price of, on the house hhmm. Jay: That I can't do. Customer: Now don't be a negro, be my nigga. aight, help me out. Jay: Woah woah woah hold on, I ain't nobody's nigga. Customer: Well, I mean you's somebody's nigga, wearing this nigga tie. Jay: Now you're being condescending. See you've been warned aight. Just move forward amicably. Customer: Okay, well check this out though. First of all you're throwing to many big words at me. Okay now, because I don't understand them I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect. Watch your mouf, and help me with the sale. Jay: Okay see, see now you found yourself a nigga. You was looking for a nigga, Nigga here now see! Customer: Okay. Customer: You wanna go!? Jay: Yo, I suggest you move back. Customer: Then nigga fire off. Customer: This shit just got real! Jay: What are you gonna do, bitch? Customer: I'll tell you what. You know Luca Perry from 20th and 25th? Jay: You ever heard of rolling twenties, nigga? Since I was sixteen, nigga, I'm saying "frosty." You know what I'm saying? "Spoon", nigga. We fucked dwarves in the ass! Customer: Nigga, this dwarf here don't got to be tall to pull a trigger off in somebody face!!! Andy: Good afternoon! Good afternoon! Welcome to Smart Tech. What can I help you with? Customer: Is this your boy? Jay: Yeah, nigga, we will both mash you! What? What? Where you at? Andy: Hey, how can we help you, sir? Jay: No, no, he don't need no help! He's already been served. I served him. He's taken care of. He's a little slow, but he got it. See, what he thought was he can come up here and make the rules. But now, he see that Jay make the rules at Smart Tech, that I run this bitch, and now he 'bout to bounce! Customer: This your boy? Jay: Yeah, nigga, that's my boy. We rep the same Smart Tech. Customer: You just got fucked up with him. Both ya'll niggas gonna get clapped up when I get back. Customer: Both ya'll niggas! Andy: What? What did I do? Customer: It don't fucking matter! Jay: Yeah, well, aim high, Willis. Aim high!