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BMW K 1200 R Review - AA Torque Show

http://www.aa.co.nz/aatorque Series 2 Episode 6 Danny Mulheron and Aaron Slight check out the BMW K 1200 R.


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BMW K1200R Akrapovic Full Exhaust
BMW K1200R with Akrapovic Full Exhaust

Sportbike Review - 2007 BMW K1200R Sport
Sample the new BMW K1200R Sport courtesy of MotorcycleUSA.com. Watch the video then visit www.motorcycle-usa.com for the full test.

2007 BMW K 1200 R Sport by Raptorsandrockets.com
Video of the 2007 BMW K 1200 R Sport and R. From Munich and the UK whilst the hurricane caused havoc in both countries! http://www.facebook.com/Raptorama

BMW k 1200r
Motorky jsou má vášeň, kterou toho času bohužel zanedbávám.. Toto video je přejaté ze serveru motorkari.cz kde jsem jako redaktor. Nahrávali jsme ho s kolegou Mimouchem a já jsem ten za řidítky.

K1200R Drag Racing
brand new BMW K12R drag racing at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

Twist the Throttle - BMW Pt. 3
"Built for Bavaria" Milt and Dylan start their ride on the new BMW K1200R and the BMW F800ST.

BMW K1200R
Our Road Test of the BMW K1200R, which might be the most powerful Roadster in the world. See what Dave and guest Road Tester, Ellen Foster thought. For everything motorcycle, visit www.motorcycleexperience.ca

Bmw k 1200 r Beschleunigung(leider nur kurz)
Leider war die Kammera nicht richtig montiert

BMW K1200 R
Spot con la K1200R

BMW K 1200 R Power Cup Edition, Akrapovic Race Edtion, Carbon Race Air Box www.vrc-racing.com
2006 BMW K 1200 R, Power Cup Edition, ABS, Bord computer, original BMW Navigation System, complete Paint from the original Boxer Cup Edition, Braking Wave Disc front & rear, Rizoma raer sets, Rizoma Signal lights, Rizoma Handle bars, rear seat cover by M Tec, , lower fairing cover set by, engine set up with Dyna Jet, Akrapovic Racing Exhaust, shortend 11 cm, VRC Racing Carbon Air Box, runs beautiful in all ranges, has now only 4000 Km, we are just building up an new K 1200 R, for request and info just contact us at info@vrc-racing.com , More infos about our Custom Bikes at www.vrc-racing.com

2012/01/03 BMW K1200R Move away 1
2012/01/03 BMW K1200R Move away 1 ★お台場の潮風★HP http://p1.avi.jp/c5900b/ ★お台場の潮風★ KZ1300の部屋★ http://ip.tosp.co.jp/i.asp?I=odaibanoshiokaze ★単車のLED屋さん★ http://m-pe.tv/u/page.php?uid=ledtaillamp&id=1 .

K1300R Burnout i Kristianstad
Kul på Rusta i Kristianstad!

BMW R 1200 R design details and exhaust sound
2013 BMW R 1200 R - very powerful naked with an 1170 cc twin boxer engine that now produces 110 HP and even more impressive 119 Nm (88 lb-ft of torque). The engine now likes to be revved high - unlike previous generations of the BMW's big boxer. Over 5000-6000 rpm it really delivers. I was honestly surprised by how agile it really was above that range. This boxer is quieter, smoother and more powerful. It's not difficult to find the right position sitting on it. Wide seat and adequately wide handlebars make it pleasant to ride for a long time. However, I found the seat's edges to be quite hard and sharp, what can make your thighs hurt while standing and waiting for the green light. It's not the case when you sit on the bike with your feet on the foot pegs. Other than that and ignoring the fact that the bike is not very tall so your legs won't be straighten up, the position is absolutely OK. Brakes are great - just like in other top-of-the-line BMW motorcycles. ABS works great, comfort mode in ESA makes the bike really comfortable on moderately rough roads (strongly limited because of short travel of the wheels). Front Telelever suspension and rear Parelever with drive shaft make the rider feel even more confident. Traction control (ASC) is crap... It's not BMW's fault though - so far motorcycle industry is just unable of providing perfectly working TC. Don't get me wrong - it works but sometimes makes the bike so unpredictable that it becomes the danger itself. You can see it at the end of the video when I start off with full throttle, the bike makes a short wheelie, slows down, accelerates again and I am struggling not to fall off. Nice system but it's better to turn it off if you want to ride aggressively and start off fast. Thanks to BMW for letting us turn it off with a hold of a button. Works great on slippery surfaces though. Optional sport screen does the job of cutting turbulence but above 130 kph (80 mph) airflow successfully makes you slow down. I'd recommend getting a touring windshield for longer trips. Another great upgrade would be an aftermarket Exhaust that would make R 1200 R sound as it should from the beginning. The thing is just too damn quiet. Doesn't sound bad for a boxer though, just needs a little bit of extra deep tones. Akrapović Exhaust is available right from the dealership. Overall a very nice and unique motorcycle with an interesting engine, nicely equipped, with bells and whistles and fantastic brakes. Probably the best classic naked on the market. [PL] O wrażeniach z jazdy można przeczytać tu: http://www.filip.langanki.pl/R1200R.pdf (ograniczenie długości opisu na YouTube) Podsumowując: R 1200 R to oryginalny motocykl z ciekawym silnikiem i kanapą, która nie pozwala długo stać na światłach. Bardzo dynamiczny, bardzo oszczędny i elastyczny, z doskonałymi hamulcami i maksymalnym możliwym w dzisiejszych czasach wyposażeniem z zakresu bezpieczeństwa. Nie jest to najlżej prowadzący się motocykl, ani specjalnie wygodny turystyk, ale rekompensuje to bardzo dobrą stabilnością przy prędkościach wyższych niż manewrowe i nietuzinkowym wyglądem. Tłumik brzmi kiepsko. Polecam zatem akcesoryjny, bo zdecydowanie należy się tej maszynie. Motocykl został użyczony przez BMW Inchcape Warszawa - http://www.bmwmotocykle.pl Music by audionautix.com and by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

BMW K1200 r speed
Auch hier war die Autobahn zu voll

2002 BMW K1200RS Final Drive Ball Bearing Replacement Part 1
Disassembly of the final drive on my BMW K1200RS to repair a failed ball bearing.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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