2002 GSX-R 1000 VS Kawasaki ZX-10 with Nitrous!!!!

My Gsx-r 1000 vs my friends built zx10 with spray. My first run of this year. In this Video he did not use Nitrous on this run, just all motor vs all motor. I (gsxr) did win this run, but we also raced atleast 5 times and he won a few as well. Sorry for the ending, camera man was trying end the video while it was filming the sky,,, also the (ZX-10 WON IN THIS VIDEO)

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Busa vs GSXR 1000
This is what happens when you talk to much noise saying you have a Busa Killer. Big Indian on the busa and Seal on the 1000. This what happens when you get out on that Slab in Itta Bena.

GSXR-1000 Passes a COP at 170 mph

Why I LOVE my Ninja ZX10R: Subscriber story #1
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