The Nosback arrives at Bug Jam 24 for it's first drag run

Getting the car off the trailer with help from my club mates Panzerfaust Air Cooled Custom Club The crazy one with the beer helped build it !!!!!

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CV Performance Trent's VW drag car.
This is Trent's Weapon of a VW. The build is still ongoing but its now time to start building tunes for it. Please note this is not a power run, just some testing, the potential of this vehicle is yet to be seen.

Notchback Vs Golf VR6 at Bug Jam 24
"The Nosback", Scotts Olivers VW Variant (Notch back) at Bug Jam 24, July 2010 Bye bye Golf GTI, see you at the finish line! Built by

Nosback evening racing at VW Action
The Nosback at VW Action 2010 evening racing 12.5 sec 1/4

The Nosback has it's engine fired up for the first time
First time running the engine...........didn't get far. Brand new £300 Webber Carb was over flowing and flooding engine.