The Nosback arrives at Bug Jam 24 for it's first drag run

Getting the car off the trailer with help from my club mates Panzerfaust Air Cooled Custom Club The crazy one with the beer helped build it !!!!!

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Vw Pro Stock Crash - Alan Fore
ECPRA Vw Pro Stock Notchback driven by Alan Fore crashing at Farmington Dragway

BugJam 24 (2010) Dragster Splitty (Mental Breakdown)
first time seen at santa pod

World Record 1/4 Mile Electric Car - Black Current III - 9.37 @ 147mph
2015 Bug Jam 29 at Santa Pod Raceway The Current Racing Team in their electric 1965 based VW Beetle - Black Current III set another new world record at Santa Pod Raceway at Bug Jam 29 for the fastest electric door slammer. This is for the NEDRA World Record in the XS/A2 class. Note : The car also ran a 9.35 @ 151mph which is the official record (but I was not there to film that run) For more info on the car checkout their website - Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :)

Real Life Car Meet: BugJam #29
hope you guys enjoy i defenetly enjoyed this weekend it has been awesome thanks to my dad brotherand friends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- music: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Twitter: fentonrennie01 instagram: fenton_rennie