Underground Racing 1500hp Lambo roll at TX2K11

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Wallace Spearmon On The Strip
Wallace Spearmon's second pass ever down the drag strip. He's driving Tony Palo's T1 Race Development GTR at Lonestar Motorsports Park at TX2K11.

Tx2k11 - Street Racing 1100+hp cars
Tx2k11 Video from DR.net TT Supra vs 300hp Busa vs TT Viper

Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Customer's First Drive

TX2K11 - John Von & Underground Racing call out Titan Motorsports
John Von the TX2K11 resident shit talker calls out Titan Motorsports for a race to prove their turbo kit has what it takes to take on Underground Racing's similar twin turbo'd Lamborghini gallardo owned by SW and driven by Jessica Barton