Underground Racing 1500hp Lambo roll at TX2K11

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Underground Racing Lambo Wins Puerto Rico 1/2 Mile Three Times in a Row
For the third time in a row Richard in his Undergorund Racing TT Gallardo brings home the win. Richard made serval passes through out the day reaching a top speed of 232.9 mph in the Standing Half Mile, placing him first with The Fastest Car of The Day. As always a huge thank you to PR 1/2 Mile Event Team for putting on such an awesome event.

Underground Racing 1500HP Lambo Ride-A-Long.mpg

TX2K11 - John Von & Underground Racing call out Titan Motorsports
John Von the TX2K11 resident shit talker calls out Titan Motorsports for a race to prove their turbo kit has what it takes to take on Underground Racing's similar twin turbo'd Lamborghini gallardo owned by SW and driven by Jessica Barton

Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Customer's First Drive