SCANIA Streamline 143-500

scania 143 streamline florent

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"old dreams" Scania 143 450 Streamline
Scania R 143 MW6X2/4L 450 Streamline In diesem Video können Sie ein altes Schmuckstück sehen, unglaublich der Zustand von dieser Scania Sattelzugmaschine. Die Maschine ist Baujahr 1994 und in einem sehr gut erhaltenen Zustand, trotz seiner 1.724.000 km. Kompliment an die Vorbesitzer! Viel Spaß beim Ansehen.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK AS WELL! earlier this week during my daly trucking job, i came by the Scania dealer in hoovliet-rotterdam. i saw thebrand net generation Scania standing tere. considering i needed to take my obligatory break ayway, so i stepped into the dealership asking if i could make a video of the truck, which theyagreed with. sorry if the video is a bit shaky. i only carry my camcorder with me during my job. enjoy! A special thanks to Scania dealer hoogvliet. Scania Nederland B.V. steenhouwerstraat 10, 3194 AG, Hoogvliet-Rotterdam. if you like this video, don't forget to hit that subscribe and thumbs up button!

Scania V8 143 M.
Scania V8 143 M.