Targa Wrest Point 2012 - Ford Capri Perana Crash

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! http://www.facebook.com/opticalnote This terrible incident occurred at Targa Wrest Point 2012 on the Esperance Coast stage. A miscommunication between driver and navigator lead the classic car to its demise. Both occupants were relatively unharmed, the navigator had a short stint in hospital, but was checked out later that evening. This video is subject to copyright. You MUST NOT repost without express permission! You CAN link to the video on Youtube IF you include a credit to opticalnote.com

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Targa Tasmania 2010 Highlights
Highlights of the 2010 Targa Tasmania tarmac rally. Footage by Roo and Mitch, edited and compiled by Roo. Video from Legs 0, 2, 3 and 4 of the event, including the George Town, Sideling, Longford, Dunorlan, Quamby Brook and Cethana stages.

WrongCall - WRX STI Targa Tasmania Crash - Driver Stephen Bradford & Navigator Paul Dowie
At 6:15 on the video clip everything starts to go wrong! When the navigator calls "Flat out 10R, Flat Out 10R - Flat Out -Trust Me - Trust Me" you would be forgiven as a driver to trust the call, even so I asked for the next corner twice to make sure we were on the notes and received the following calls from the Navigator: 10R - 10R, 10R Here 120, 10R = whoa whoa whoa whoa" and a loud Fuck from me as I realise there is no way Im going to get the car around the sharp 5R. For those who are not familiar with Tarmac rallying a 10R means keep the foot flat to the floor and dont lift off (in all these cases the Navigators call needs to be 100% correct). In this case we were travelling between 160 km/ph and 200 km and if I didnt hit the brakes as early as I did we would have hit a cattle yard. The corner was actually a 5 Right (should have been taken at 80 km/ph if the call had come), we were very lucky we didnt go straight off into the cattle yard which is to the left of screen as we go off Freeze the video at 5:02 and you will see what I mean. Im pretty impressed with how far I managed to get the car around the corner between 5:02 and 5:03, otherwise we would have been in serious trouble if we hit the cattle yard (they have some serious reinforcement). After I reverse out of the ditch, you will hear the navigators very late call of 5R at 5:16 on the video. Luckily the bushes we landed in acted like a net and although the front spoiler was smashed, the side spoiler ripped off and most of the panels were scratched, the car was still drivable. Unfortunately on the next clip you will see the car loses control coming out of the chicane due to the car loading up on the flat tyre and caused significant damage to the fuel tank & rear control arms. At the time of the accident on Stage 7 we were 2nd in Early Modern, which was a disappointing end to being competitive in the event, as I was hoping to back up my 2008 Targa Rookie win with a solid result. See other accident at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBlkz5ARCyU

Unbelievable fast Ford Capri RS at Hillclimb
Einer der schnellsten Ford Capri RS wird hier am Limit bei einem Bergrennen in Italien eingesetzt. Die Massive Kraftentfaltung des hochdrehenden Cosworth 24V GAA Motors beeindruckt wirklich in jeder Lebenslage. Fastest Old Car Racing. Es handelt sich um einen RS3400 und nicht um einen RS2600. Hillclimb Racing very fast. Willkommen bei Race & Fun TV - dem Youtubechannel für Car Passion, Motorsport und Tutorials rund um das Thema Automobil. Abonnieren/Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dnaracer01?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaceNFun Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/RaceNFun http://www.raceandfuntv.de - Enjoy the world of Fun and Racing Send us your Video and we will support you, if we like your video! video@raceandfuntv.de or via PM on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter Race & Fun TV support other Youtubers who create good stuff, show them the whole world and link to the originals. Race & Fun TV - the world of fun and racing all around the world

Targa Crash Compile from MOH Racing - 1 car, lots of accidents
A juicy selection of interesting crashes and extras, most featuring Messages On Hold's Kym Illman and co-drivers Antonia Spiers, Stirling Hammersley and Kirilee Gentleman. No further crashes are expected.