Lincoln MKX Power Lift Gate Problem

I bought a 2009 Lincoln MKX in March. The power lift gate problem occurred in May. It is an intermittent problem which typically occurs if I don't check to make sure the gate has stayed shut. I had an 08 MKX with the same problem. I have contacted Lincoln Customer Service about this problem and they have informed me that they are unaware of the issue. However a quick google took me to the Ford Edge Forum where there are many complaints about the same occurrence going back to early 2008. I called my dealer about the problem and was told to bring the car in the next time it happens. I explained that the problem is intermittent. The reply I got was "if it's a problem with the wipers, bring it in.". Right now I have a problem. I am hoping that this video will help to place the responsibility for fixing the problem where it belongs, with Ford so that they have the problem. UPDATE Nov 18th 2009 I may have solved the problem due to the help from other owners who have experienced the same problems. I did the following things; 1) I deactivated the power liftgate, 2) Switched off the engine and then 3) Restarted the engine 4) reactivated the power liftgate. This seems to have solved the problem. Clearly it's a computer malfunction and resetting the power liftgate seems to have done the job. I guess the question still remains "Why didn't Lincoln Tech Support know this?". The gate has operated flawlessly since the reset but will it stay that way and when will it happen again and what will I have stored in my cargo area and what will happen to it if the liftgate fails to remain closed once again? The problem re-occurred last month Aug 2010. It only happened once and in the same location as this video. But I'm keeping a very close watch.

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