Holset HE351VE VGT Turbo Sliding Vanes

Demonstration of the HE351VE turbo sliding vanes. Sorry for the dark video. Please turn up your screen brightness.

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he351ve vgt overview
A general overview of how the holset he351ve vgt vanes work.

Variable Geometry Turbo Breakdown
A look at what's inside the variable geometry turbo. This example is from 6.0 Powerstroke. This is such a simple mechanism considering how much it improves turbo function.

Cummins 6.7 turbo cleaned and disassembly
This is a service bulletin taken more ahead that just cleaning with dealer stuff, I remove the turbo , is only 2 clamps after that is just remove carbon built up from egr gases , this truck has check engine light on with code P2262 turbo mechanical. I installed back but truck has no power , so it means that service bulletin does not warranty to be accurate, pcm has latest update, turbo has been cleaned ,, we need a new turbo or a good used unit,.. Martin ase tech 214 207 2619

HE351VE problems 6.7 cummins "rebuilt" by Majestic Turbo of Waco tx
This is a video of my turbo, disassembled, to show what it does at start up key on and key off Non functioning HE351VE vgt off 2008 cummins 6.7 "rebuilt" by majestic turbo waco. I would like to note Majestic turbo waco texas disassembled my turbo against my request then wanted to charge for a rebuild. They ultimately reassembled it with USED parts and a non functioning vgt actuator. I've been refused a refund and called a common thief by the owner John. After further research and purchasing another turbo I found that when John reassembled the turbo he did not set the vanes position correctly on the internal adjustment and it allowed the vanes to over travel causing them to bind up. Majestic turbo waco texas does not know what they are doing and I wold not trust them to work on anything above the complexity of a rubber band.