Holset HE351VE VGT Turbo Sliding Vanes

Demonstration of the HE351VE turbo sliding vanes. Sorry for the dark video. Please turn up your screen brightness.

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he351ve vgt overview
A general overview of how the holset he351ve vgt vanes work.

Cummins Turbo Technologies HE400VG - Animation
Displayed at Association of Diesel Specialists 2013 showing the animation of the Holset VGT™.

Ichiba and Nissan 240SX rear hubs spline comparison
First is the Ichiba hub. As you can see the splines go on easily with some looseness. The Nissan hub enters the spline nice and tight. At the remainder of the spline, you can torque down the hub for a perfect fitment.

Jet engine with variable vanes, Home built, 171 000rpm.
See my home built jet engine in action, 171 000rpm