Holset HE351VE VGT Turbo Sliding Vanes

Demonstration of the HE351VE turbo sliding vanes. Sorry for the dark video. Please turn up your screen brightness.

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My HE351ve VR6VGT, Electronic contoller part 1
This is the very start of my VGT controller for my VR6 turbo setup I am running in my G60 Corrado. Here I am testing out the 25A ESC I bought to run the brushless motor, next will be board design of the controller itself. This controller will also control a Boost control solenoid, while reading telemtry data from Megasquirt. Functions like overBoost to pass, stealth or "street" mode, and a "staged spool mode" are some of the features I am adding into the software. For example the "staged spool mode" would be when the controller detects less than 15% throttle at over 3,000 rpm it will close down the housing measuring the shaft speed sensor bringing the speed to the desired Boost level as per the 351ve map. So as soon as the throttle is opened to launch from a roll its all already there. The blog following this video and the latest updates are on http://www.doogielabs.com

Holset HE351VE VGT Exhaust Housing Actuation Dodge Ram 07-08'
Manually moving the actuator lever on a clogged up HE351VE that I grabbed for $200 because a dealer was too lazy to clean it. It's from 07-08' Rams and uses Holset's ECM Type 2.

Holset VGT - Features & Benefits

How Variable Geometry Variable Nozzle VGT VNT Turbochargers Work
Variable-geometry turbochargers (VGTs), (also known as variable nozzle turbines/VNTs), are a family of turbochargers, usually designed to allow the effective aspect ratio (A:R) of the turbo to be altered as conditions change. This is done because optimum aspect ratio at low engine speeds is very different from that at high engine speeds. If the aspect ratio is too large, the turbo will fail to create Boost at low speeds; if the aspect ratio is too small, the turbo will choke the engine at high speeds, leading to high Exhaust manifold pressures, high pumping losses, and ultimately lower power output. By altering the geometry of the turbine housing as the engine accelerates, the turbo's aspect ratio can be maintained at its optimum. Because of this, VGTs have a minimal amount of lag, have a low Boost threshold, and are very efficient at higher engine speeds. VGTs do not require a wastegate. VGTs tend to be much more common on diesel engines as the lower Exhaust temperatures mean they are less prone to failure. The few early gasoline-engine VGTs required significant pre-charge cooling to extend the turbocharger life to reasonable levels, but advances in material technology has improved their resistance to the high temperatures of gasoline engine Exhaust and they have started to appear increasingly in, e.g., gasoline-engined sports cars. turboCHARGER SPOOLING TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA TOYOTA SUPRA turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger turbocharger turbo Supercharger Honda, Prelude, s2000, s2k, Civic, Accord, CRX, Nissan, silvia, 240sx, s13, s14, 350z, 370z, Datsun, Acura, Integra, Hatchback, Fastback, Coupe, Sedan, Subaru, STI, Wrx, Legacy, Legend, JDM, Mazda, Miata, MX5, MX-5, Borla, HKS, Greddy, Skunk, Racing, Mitsubishi, EVO, Evolution, Lancer, Hellaflush, illest, Stance, Rims Mitsubishi, Eclispe, Eagle talon, DSM, JDM, turbo, turbocharger, Ford, Probe turbo, Supecharger, Rotex, Shunk, honda acura civic crx del sol integra eg ek ef dc da ej ep k20 p28 p72 p30 head block type-r jdm swap tranny lsd clutch Nitrous falken azenis drag spoon rota mugen si gsr ls ex ls lx dx manifold throttle body fuel rail regualtor turbo i-vtec f20 h23 skunk 2 VTEC Fuel Injectors, Injector, Injectors, Fuel, wheels, Tires, Transmission, Lights, Hid, Blitz, Blow off valve, BBK, HKS, Greddy, Wastegate, Intercooler, MSE, AEM, Controller, B16, B18, GSR, Great deal, sale, clearance, Wheels, Tires, Speakers, Stereo, engine, transmission, shifter, mazda, miata, ITR, Civic Type R, Integra Type R, LS VTEC, B20VTEC, Spoon, Mugen, custom,ppi,car stereo, audio, alarm, kenwood, alpine, eclipse, jvc, panasonic, pioneer, mb quart, infinity, boston, xm, sirius, dynaudio, b16, b17,b18, gsr, ls, b20, da, dc, eg, ek, ef, db, crx, ep, em, civic, honda, acura, integra, hatch, hatchback, d15, d16, k20, k24, h22, f22, turbo, Boost, rims, wheels, tires, cams, hasport, ls, gs, rs, dohc,, Civic, civic, ex, coupe, oem, stock, manifold, header, Exhaust, tip, RSX-S, DC4, DC5, DC2, JDM, USDM, honda, integra, Skunk 2, intake, eg, ef, hx, si, ek, ek4, ek9, sir, gsr, front, tow, hook, acura, integra, ls, rs, gs, gsr, type r civic, dx, cx, ex, hx, lx, si, crx, del sol, jdm, v-tec, vtec, turbo, eg6, race, blitz, sparco, tein, coilover, tie bars, gaskets, skunk2, accord, prelude, type r honda, civic, usdm, type r, coupe, intake, hatch, integra, gsr, jdm, rsx, b18, b16 b18c5 jackson racing greddy, Megan racing, tein, buddy club, eibach, koni, neuspeed, skunk 2, progress spoon,Honda Civic sir, Rota slipstreams, Hx wheels, GSR fat fives Si JDM parts OEM trade trading rsx type s civic integra delsol hatchback, sedan, 2dr, 4dr, parts, buddy club, acura, integra, d16, b16, b18, d15 d16y8, dc, spoon, rota, cams, ground control, struts, strut,sohc, honda, civic, typer, type-r, crx, delsol, vtec, vtech, k20, k20r