Eric C. Lewis, while on duty and in a marked police car, enticing another on-duty officer to engage in a drag race on a public highway. This occurred in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on the US Highway 17 approach to a sixty foot clearance bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. After drag racing, Lewis tears up the grass median by spinning his police cars wheels and dispenses advice to his subordinate on a good location to hide to avoid supervisors. While all this is taking place, Lewis has a civilian with him, endangering his life as well as setting a terrible example of police misconduct. Lewis "voluntarily" resigned. He was not cited for racing, which carries a one-year driver's license revocation, nor any other offense. Lewis was then hired by William U. Booker, Jr, Town Manager for the Town of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, not just as a police officer, but as the police chief, with no supervision. The (Charleston) Post & Courier did an excellent series of articles entitled "Broken Badges" which documented how bad law enforcement officers get rehired, rather than having their law enforcement certification revoked by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

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Trooper pulls over SC mayor, then mayor pulls trooper over
January 24, 2012 The South Carolina Law Enforcment Division is being asked to investigate whether a mayor overstepped his bounds. Norway is a small town between Aiken and Orangeburg. The town's mayor may be in hot water yet again.

Cops pull over Nissan GTR at 143 mph in Texas
So the first video didn't have any proofs I guess. Finally I made a video with all the footage inside it. So here you go, and we know we got lucky and got off without going to jail or getting car impounded, and yes he only paid $300. Didn't go to the court, just paid the ticket. We all know you paid $300 for your 10mph over tickets, so no need to fill the comment section with "you are lucky, i paid $300 for 15 mph over, you woulda got arrested in my state, should have kept going" comments. Its a good thing he didn't keep going because, this highway pretty much came to a dead end, they had cops at the next exit (after we got the ticket and left we saw them) Also the cop thanked us for cooperating with him, pretty much stopping from 143 right before he even got a chance to get in his car and turn on his lights (thanks for the GTR brakes). Now for the owner, this video was after like a week of having the car. He doesn't speed at all, this was just because his friend (guy in the back seat) said this highway had no cops and trusting him he took the gun. Yes we know it would have been smart to drive by before doing this again. But we didn't !! and can't go back to the past and change it. Lastly, thanks for the officer for not making this a big deal and acting very nice and professional. He surely could have taken all of us to jail. This happen in Euless, TX. This was between his class we were bored so after this happen we went back to our classes and end of story. It sure was fun but wouldn't try that again! Only in Mexico. Thanks for reading !! Don't leave stupid comments, you will be wasting your time and mine. It will be deleted ! Jealousy is real bad, as you see he owned a GTR at 21, instead of being Jealous it should motivate you to work your ass off. He bought it with his own money not daddy's money. -Indianmalujl Owner: Fsunka on youtube. Sound credits: http://soundbible.com/1997-Cha-Ching-Register.html (Cha ching register sound) http://soundbible.com/1806-Censored-Beep.html (Censored beep sound) Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Indianmalujl

Two nights with North Myrtle Beach Police
We spent two nights riding along with North Myrtle Beach Police during Senior Week, witnessing some of the issues the Alcohol Enforcement Team tackles nightly.

Street racing cops!
Street racing a Evo and Subaru Sti.please rate comment and SUBSCRIBE