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Fire alarm + Police stop in San Francisco

At 1AM in the night, the San Francisco fire department is dispatched to a fire alarm in a hotel near Market street. A lot of units were responding including as far as i could see the battalions 1, and 2, engines 1, 2, 3, 41, trucks 1, 3, 8, heavy rescue 1 and medic units. There was no fire at all so that all units could return to their stations quickly. While the fire department arrives on scene you can also see a traffic stop made by the San Francisco Police department. The driver actually didn't realise that he had to stop and just kept driving. The clip was made from my hotel room in the 4th floor - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - San Francisco, California, USA - 09.2010


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Truck 2 + Battalion 1 SFFD
San Francisco truck company 2 responding from their station in Chinatown with the battalion chief. Notice the bell and officer using the PA because a car was stopped in front of the fire house - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - San Francisco, California, USA - 09.2010 - filmed with a Sony HDR-CX505

Engine 52 LAFD
engine company 52 responding westbound on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood at 3AM - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - City of Los Angeles, California, USA - 09.2010

Engine 8 + Ladder truck 2 + Battalion chief 8 FDNY
responding from their station - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.FDNYvideos.com / http://www.rescue911.de - New York City, New York, USA - 26.01.2007

Special video - Unfall mit Polizei / Accident with police car
Crash with police car, Polizei Peugeot 406 vs. Renault Mégane - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Saarbrücken, Saarland, Deutschland - Oktober 2007

San Francisco Fire Department @ Jones St & Post St San Francisco California
San Francisco Fire Department emergency response at Jones Street and Post Street in the Tendernob neighborhood of San Francisco.

3 Alarm Structure Fire Kratzer Rd. Harrisonburg (Apparatus Only) R.R. Donnelley 2-20-13
Pictures Of The Scene By Harrisonburg Fire Dept. Are Avaliable @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/harrisonburg-fire-department/sets/721576328259 86925/with/8497039655/ First I Want To Thank E. 54 and Truck 15 For The Loudness of Their Sirens All Company Tones Were Removed Because There Were Well Over A Minute Of Them With The 2nd Alarm Tone Out Companies Were Dispatched At 1655: 40, 75, St. 41 And HFD E23 and Tower 1 For An Automatic Fire-Alarm. Rescue 40 Was Added After They Confirmed Fire As Well As Rockingham County Fire Rescue Duty Officer, Fire Marshal, ect. The 2nd alarm (1706) Added Companies 80, 50, 30, 17, 15, HFD - E. 28 (E. 807, E. 505, E. 174, [Dispatched as 175] Truck 15, Tanker 15, [Dispatched as 108] Hazmat 900, (Co. 90) Additional Engine From St. 41 [E. 412] Squad 33,) And Added Rescues 50, 40, and 17. (R. 40 Sent The Mass Casualty Unit). Third Alarm Companies (1756) 5, 60, 30, 20, and 80 (E. 54, E.35, E. 654, E. 203 Truck 80) And Also Rescue 15. Rescues 50, 30, 23 Were Added For Additional Ambulances Later On. {Truck 80Diverted To A Fill Quarters Assignment At HFD Tower 1} Marked Under Control Around 2248 And The Last Unit Left The Scene Around 1100 Thursday This Fire Used 11 Of Rockingham County Fire Departments 1 Augusta County Company. 6 Rockingham County EMS Departments And 1 Shenandoah County EMS Department. 1 Company From Page, Shenandoah and Counties And 3 Companies From Augusta County. Were Used To Fill Quarters. Co. 70 (Shenandoah[Page]) Filled Co. 80 {E.702} Co. 23 (New Market [Shenandoah]) Filled Co. 40 {E.23-1} Co. 5 (Weyers Cave[Augusta]) Filled Co. 15 {E.54} After 2nd Alrm Tone Out Moved To Co. 40 To Fill Co. 10 (Augusta County Fire Dept.) Filled Co. 5 {Truck 106} Co. 6 Verona Fire Dept. [Augusta] Covered Co. 15 After Third Alarm

Get the best fire fighting DVD Video's @ http://www.mabas21.com While returning from a trailer fire I heard GFD tone out for a reported car fire in the area of 20th and Chase, a thick black header was visible from a mile away. Crews from Engine 4 put a quick knock on the fire and nobody was hurt. While they were working, a rubbernecker slammed head-on with another vehicle just down the street. GPD was on scene asap, it appeared there were no injuries at the crash.

"The Ladder Shop." San Francisco Fire Department
The San Francisco Fire Department is one of the only departments in the world that builds its own wooden ladders. They use wood for many reasons in San Francisco. See why they make their own ladders and the history of many of these wooden ladders that are more than 100 years old.

NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit, Police Escort
The Counterterrorism Bureau of the New York City Police Department has what are called Critical Response Vehicles and Hercules Teams which routinely patrol the city. This unmarked van with heavy police escort is one of those. The lead and last police car are both units of the NYPD Highway Patrol and the second vehicle contains a bomb and chemical sniffing dog. Inside the unmarked blue van is a tactical squad of police in full riot gear. This unmarked blue van can be seen in videos of President Obama's motorcades in New York City from last year. Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. 03.2012

Truck 32 to AFA
Tower Ladder 32 of the Progress Fire Co in Dauphin County, PA responding from quarters to an AFA.

Truck 1 Bakersfield fire department + Ambulance
Firefighters from the Bakersfield FD are leaving station 1 to respond to a medical call together with Ambulance 81 shown at the end. Notice the nice dual siren used by the truck and the loud airhorn by the ambo - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Bakersfield, Kern County, California, USA - 09.2010 - filmed with a Sony HDR-CX505

Washington DC emergency vehicles (collection)
Emergency vehicles responding in Washington DC, featuring DCFD Ambulances 1, 9, 16, 30; Medic units 1, 11; Engines 6, 9, 13, 30; Trucks 3, 6; Special operations battalion - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA - 06.2010

Engine 18 + Tower 18 + Battalion 2 Clark County Fire Department
station 18 responding eastbound on Flamingo Road to a fire call - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 10.2010

Battalion chief 11 + Engine 76 + Tower 22 FDNY
responding from their station - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.FDNYvideos.com / http://www.rescue911.de - New York City, New York, USA - 23.01.2007

[Berliner Feuerwehr] LHF FW Kreuzberg (Zusammenschnitt)
Einsatz für die Berliner Feuerwehr am 1.Mai. Verschiedene LHF (BF Kreuzberg, BF Urban, FF Urban) rücken von der Feuerwache Kreuzberg aus. The Berlin fire department responding with rescue pumpers during the first May demonstrations. by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - http://www.rescue-tube.com - Berlin, Deutschland - 05.2011 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rescue911.de Twitter: http://twitter.com/rescue911de Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/113378557970221685392/113378557970221685392/ Video clips of responding emergency vehicles - wwwrescue911de On this channel you will find video clips of emergency vehicles (fire/rescue, ambulance, police) from around the world responding to calls with their warning lights and sirens. Please note that all videos being posted on this channel have been made by myself! Videos von Einsatzfahrzeugen auf Alarmfahrt - wwwrescue911de Auf diesem Kanal findet ihr Videoclips von Einsatzfahrzeugen (Feuerwehr, Rettungsdienst, Polizei) aus diversen Ländern, die mit Sondersignal unterwegs sind. Bitte beachtet, dass alle hier geposteten Videos ausschließlich von mir gemacht wurden!

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