Fire alarm + Police stop in San Francisco

At 1AM in the night, the San Francisco fire department is dispatched to a fire alarm in a hotel near Market street. A lot of units were responding including as far as i could see the battalions 1, and 2, engines 1, 2, 3, 41, trucks 1, 3, 8, heavy rescue 1 and medic units. There was no fire at all so that all units could return to their stations quickly. While the fire department arrives on scene you can also see a traffic stop made by the San Francisco Police department. The driver actually didn't realise that he had to stop and just kept driving. The clip was made from my hotel room in the 4th floor - by Dirk Steinhardt - - San Francisco, California, USA - 09.2010

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San Francisco Fire Department @ Jones St & Post St San Francisco California
San Francisco Fire Department emergency response at Jones Street and Post Street in the Tendernob neighborhood of San Francisco.

EXCLUSIVE: Detroit 2nd Alarm E Jefferson Ave & Drexel St (Aug 13th 2010)
Exclusive video you will only see here and in the movie Burn. Video starts at 1:06 Several Firefighters were hurt after a wall collapsed during building fire. In this video you will hear fireground audio and video just seconds after the collapse. (From Detroit Fire Commissioner James Macks says when the building crumbled just after 7 a.m.; bricks fell onto the firefighters, resulting in broken bones, including elbows, ribs and pelvises for many of the firefighters. Mack said the incident is being investigated as an arson. Fire investigators are reviewing aerial photography from above the fire and are working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to figure out exactly where the fire started. "The job is dangerous. We don't need situations in this city where people are starting fires," Mack said. "People think this is a joke or think it's funny. But we don't need it because people can get hurt. People can get killed." The building housed a phone business, beauty salon and liquor store. Many nearby residents were evacuated and members of the media were asked to relocate because the chemicals inside of the building were igniting and releasing toxic fumes. "It does break our hearts, but our hearts are already broken," one firefighter said outside the hospital. "We're just going to try to be tough and support their families. We have some serious injuries going on here. It's a life-changing day for all of us." See my photos; Follow me on Twitter; For licencing information contact

Sirens Gone Beserk 2010 Edition 4th Leg
See 18 Fire rigs running Code three, full lights and sirens, escorted by 4 Ambulances, 5 patrol cars and no less than 12 Police Motorcycles! The 2010 Peninsula Burn Relay was held in August. Starting at the Moffet Field Fire Station on the NASA Ames Research facility. Fire Departments in the Peninsula area join in as they travel to San Francisco. They stop at Fire stations along the way where the firefighters present the funds they have raised over the last year to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. This is the fourth leg, taken as the rigs head towards Palo Alto Town Hall, having just left Santa Clara County Fire Department's Los Altos Station a few minutes earlier. Escorts are provided by the CHP and various City Police department along the way.

PGFD ladder truck