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Fire alarm + Police stop in San Francisco

At 1AM in the night, the San Francisco fire department is dispatched to a fire alarm in a hotel near Market street. A lot of units were responding including as far as i could see the battalions 1, and 2, engines 1, 2, 3, 41, trucks 1, 3, 8, heavy rescue 1 and medic units. There was no fire at all so that all units could return to their stations quickly. While the fire department arrives on scene you can also see a traffic stop made by the San Francisco Police department. The driver actually didn't realise that he had to stop and just kept driving. The clip was made from my hotel room in the 4th floor - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - San Francisco, California, USA - 09.2010


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Las Vegas Police stopping vehicles
Police units, mainly motorbikes, stopping all kinds of vehicles on South Las Vegas Boulevard // by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 10.2010

Fire response City of Sydney Fire & Rescue NSW
The year 2012 is only 3 hours old when fire units of the Fire and Rescue New South Wales are being sent to a fire in a downtown building in Sydney. Pumps from the The Rocks and Darlinghurst fire stations are being dispatched immediately. Sydney central fire station's units are also being called. The "flyer" pump is already on another call but the "runner" pump gets dispatched. You can see the "R" for runner on the dispatch sign. While the crew is preparing, the aerial truck is dispatched to the call. The aerial is a 4 axle Scania Bronto Skylift F44 RLX. Shortly later, the salvage unit which is a rescue truck is also leaving the station. Because the salvage is parked behind the rescue pump, the RP needs to get out first. On the way to the incident, i was able to catch the flyer pump followed by an ambulance. But the ambo was actually going to another call. When i finally got to the scene, i also filmed another ambulance and a SUV with the fire commander. I have no more information about this call // Das Jahr 2012 ist erst 3 Stunden alt, als Einheiten der Feuerwehr von New South Wales zu einem Feuer in der Innenstadt von Sydney gerufen werden. Löschfahrzeuge der Wachen The Rocks und Darlinghurst werden sofort losgeschickt. Aber auch von der Hauptfeuerwache werdne Einheiten alarmiert. Ein Löschfahrzeug ist bereits bei einem anderen Einsatz gebunden aber das zweite wird entsandt. Während sich die Mannschaft fertig macht wird der Gelenkmast alamiert. Es handelt sich um einen 4-achser Scania Bronto Skylift F44 RLX. Nur Augenblicke später wird der Rüstwagen ebenfalls alarmiert. Hierfür muss aber ein HTLF aus der Halle gefahren werden. Unterwegs konnte ich noch das erste Löschfahrzeug filmen, dass doch noch zum Feuer geschickt wurde, gefolgt von einem Rettungswagen, dieser fuhr jedoch zu einem anderen Einsatz.Am Einsatzort trafen dann noch ein Rettungswagen sowie der Einsatzleiter der Feuerwehr ein. Weitere Details über den Einsatz sind mir nicht bekannt // by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - http://www.rescue-tube.com - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 01.2012 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/rescue911de/126482447368628

[Ride along] Ladder 10 Seattle Fire Department
Ride along with ladder 10 to an automatic fire alarm. The truck was dispatched with another engine company of a fire station in the north of the city. However the truck was cancelled before it got on scene. Ladder 10 is a Pierce 3-axle tractor drawn tillered aerial truck // Mitfahrt auf Leiter 10 zu einer ausgelösten Brandmeldeanlage. Es geht zusammen mit einem Löschfahrzeug einer anderen Wache in den Norden der Stadt. Der Einsatz wurde abgebrochen bevor die Drehleiter an der Einsatzstelle eintraf. Leiter 10 ist eine Sattelschlepper-Drehleiter mit einem Zusatzlenker am Heck und einer 3-achsigen Zugmaschine // by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - http://www.rescue-tube.com - Seattle, State of Washington, USA - 01.2012 - Filmed with a Sony HDR-CX700 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/rescue911de/126482447368628 Thanks to the guys of the Seattle Fire department for that awesome day!

[Ride along] Engine 73 LACoFD
Ride along with Los Angeles county station 73. Engine 73 (using a spare), Squad 73 (one of the brand-new Dodges), Fire Patrol 73 and other units are responding to a traffic collision on the freeway. All units were cancelled by the California Highway Patrol because it turned out to be a non-injury accident - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California, USA - 09.2010 - Thanks to the guys from 73!!! Video clips of responding emergency vehicles - wwwrescue911de On this channel you will find video clips of emergency vehicles (fire/rescue, ambulance, police) from around the world responding to calls with their warning lights and sirens. Please note that all videos being posted on this channel have been made by myself! Videos von Einsatzfahrzeugen auf Alarmfahrt - wwwrescue911de Auf diesem Kanal findet ihr Videoclips von Einsatzfahrzeugen (Feuerwehr, Rettungsdienst, Polizei) aus diversen Ländern, die mit Sondersignal unterwegs sind. Bitte beachtet, dass alle hier geposteten Videos ausschließlich von mir gemacht wurden!

San Francisco Fire Department @ Jones St & Post St San Francisco California
San Francisco Fire Department emergency response at Jones Street and Post Street in the Tendernob neighborhood of San Francisco.

Truck 32 to AFA
Tower Ladder 32 of the Progress Fire Co in Dauphin County, PA responding from quarters to an AFA.

Fire Trucks Responding --BEST OF 2012--
Video compilation of the best of my fire response videos from over the course of 2012. 32 minutes of lights, sirens and horns responding throughout Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. BEST OF 2013 POSTED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bPC72ZoOEc _List of apparatus showcased. (Not in shown order)_ Battalion 1 - Philadelphia Fire Department Rescue 1 - Philadelphia Fire Department Chief 7 - William Penn Fire Company Engine 7 - William Penn Fire Company Chief 8 - Penndel Fire Company Engine 8 - Penndel Fire Company Ladder 8 - Penndel Fire Company Ladder 9 - Philadelphia Fire Department Rescue 9 - Parkland Fire Company Deputy 10 - Edgely Fire Department Engine 10 - Edgely Fire Department Engine 11 - Croydon Fire Company Field 11 - Croydon Fire Company Battalion 12 - Newportville Fire Company Chief 12 - Newportville Fire Company Engine 12 - Newportville Fire Company Rescue 12 - Newportville Fire Company Battalion 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Chief 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Deputy 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Engine 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Rescue 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Squrt 13 - Levittown Fire Company #2 Engine 14 - Third District Fire Company Tower 14 - Third District Fire Company Chief 16 - Cornwells Fire Company Deputy 16 - Cornwells Fire Company Engine 16 - Cornwells Fire Company Rescue 16 - Cornwells Fire Company Tower 16 - Corwells Fire Company Ladder 19 - Philadelphia Fire Department Pipeline 20 - Philadelphia Fire Department Ladder 23 - Philadelphia Fire Department Ladder 25 - America Hose, Hook & Ladder Company Chief 28 - Eddington Fire Company Engine 28-1 - Eddington Fire Company Quint 28 - Eddington Fire Company Snorkel 28 - Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 29 (Former) - Philadelphia Fire Department Chief 30 - Falls Township Fire Company Rescue 30 - Falls Township Fire Company Engine 31 - Fairless Hills Fire Department Rescue 31 - Fairless Hills Fire Department Squrt 43 - Philadelphia Fire Department Chief 44 - Newport Fire Company Engine 44 - Newport Fire Company Engine 44-1 Newport Fire Company Engine 46 - Philadelphia Fire Department Pipeline 61 - Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 71 - Philadelphia Fire Department Deputy 77 - William Penn Fire Company Engine 77 - William Penn Fire Company Engine 77-1 - William Penn Fire Company Engine 82 - Newportville Fire Company Engine 82-1 - Newportville Fire Company Engine 84 - Trevose Fire Company Engine 222 - Bensalem Township Fire Rescue Fire Marshal 222 - Bensalem Township Fire Marshal's Office Fire Marshal 222-2 Bensalem Township Fire Marshal's Office Engine 225 - Bristol Township Fire Marshal's Office Fire Marshal 225 - Bristol Township Fire Marshal's Office "Like" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rrobertsnot5150-Emergency-Response-Videos/310 719465643992?sk=wall

Wawa Car Fire 3/30/14 Bensalem, PA.
Eddington Fire Company; Deputy 28 arrived on scene with an engine compartment fire about 15 feet away from the building. Engine 28-1 arrived and went in service with an 1" 3/4 bumper line. Utility and Engine 28 arrived soon after and assisted. Bensalem Township FMO is investigating. https://www.firetruckfilms.com Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rrobertsnot5150 "Like" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rrobertsnot5150-Emergency-Response-Videos/310 719465643992?sk=wall

02/10/10. Newportville and Newport Fire Companies respond to a reported dwelling fire in Mill Creek Falls during the blizzard of 2010. Companies arrived on scene and reported there was no fire but wires were reported to be arching. "Like" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rrobertsnot5150-Emergency-Response-Videos/310 719465643992?sk=wall

Sirens Gone Beserk 2010 Edition 16th leg
See 14 Fire rigs running Code three, full lights and sirens, escorted by 2 Ambulances, 2 patrol cars and no less than 12 Police Motorcycles! The 2010 Peninsula Burn Relay was held in August. Starting at the Moffet Field Fire Station on the NASA Ames Research facility. Fire Departments in the Peninsula area join in as they travel to San Francisco. They stop at Fire stations along the way where the firefighters present the funds they have raised over the last year to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. This is the 16th leg, taken as the rigs head towards Colma Fire Station, having just left North County's Fire Station a few minutes earlier. Escorts are provided by the CHP and various City Police department along the way.

Engine 18 + Tower 18 + Battalion 2 Clark County Fire Department
station 18 responding eastbound on Flamingo Road to a fire call - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 10.2010

San Francisco Fire Department @ Market St & Eighth St San Francisco California
San Francisco Fire Department emergency response near Market Street and Eighth Street in downtown San Francisco. Not exactly sure what happened, but a small amount of white smoke can be seen rising from the 2-story building that is two buildings down from the Burger King. Most of the SFFD vehicles that arrived departed after a few minutes and only two vehicles stayed at the location.

[Ride along] Light Force 27 LAFD
ride along with Truck 27. Lightforce 27 is responding through the congested Hollywood area to a stuck elevator with people trapped. Lightforce 27 consists of Truck 27 and Engine 227. You can also see engine 76 responding to a medical call at the same address. To get to the scene, fire personnel and equipment is being driven in golf carts - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - City of Los Angeles, California, USA - 09.2010 - filmed with a Sony HDR-CX505 - Thanks to the guys from 27!!!

Truck 2 Sacramento Fire department
The ladder truck from the SFD's downtown station 2 responding to a call - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - Sacramento, California, USA - 09.2010

San Francisco Fire Department @ Muni Accident Laguna St & Post St San Francisco California (2/4)
The San Francisco Fire Department arrives at a Muni coach accident on Laguna Street between Sutter Street and Post Street in the Japantown neighborhood of San Francisco. http://sfappeal.com/news/2009/09/3-jackson-service-collides-with-light-pole -building.php

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