HID Problem

**EDIT** I still get a lot of comments about this video, so go here to check out my current setup: http://www.Mustangcollective.com/showthread.php?t=35032 The lights usually come on if I turn them on before the car starts, but will not come on again once it's running.

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HID Ballast Polarity Fix

How to install a HID / Xenon kit with Anti Flicker Capacitors/ Error Code Canceller STEALTH AUTO
http://www.stealthauto.com/Products/HID-Headlights---Full-Aftermarket-Canbu s-Replacement-Kit__HID-.aspx A quick video showing how to assemble a HID / Xenon kit with Anti Flicker Capacitors. This process is the same for 97% of cars out there. If you have any questions please give us a call (310) 312 5555.

HID flicker problem
Any idea on how to fix this problem?

FIXED - HID Xenon Flickering problem
sorry about the soundtrack, seems like YT doesnt have a Mute Sound option for uploading vids! yup, just as the title suggests, my new set up starts flickereing moments after installation on the drivers side. they are H7 fitment. UPDATE: this was due to a bad ballast. once i replaced the ballast, it started working fine.