Evotech MB E63 V8 Biturbo Stage II

Evotech MB E63 V8 Biturbo 685hp/1101Nm (only software and cat delet) Stock 525hp/729Nm stay tuned for Stage III

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Mercedes E63 Weistec Stage 2 vs Nissan GT-R Tuned
Mercedes E63 Weistec Stage 2 By GT Performance - 720HP @ 0.6bar Boost Nissan GT-R Tuned - HP N/A

2013 E63 Biturbo (Renntech tune, downpipes) vs 2015 McLaren
No Fly Zone 1/2 Mile Airstrip Event 11/14/15

2 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Racing Top Speed
Two cars AMG ( W212 ) Racing with full speed for almost 3 minutes hitting 320 Km/H

E 63 AMG Performance Package 0-307 km/h Top Speed Test Mercedes 2012 sport auto
Mercedes E 63 AMG 2012 with Performance Package: Race Start, Acceleration, High Speed and Sound Test V8 Biturbo with 557 PS by sport auto's Christian Gebhardt. 307 km/h on speedo, GPS: 302 km/h. www.sportauto.de