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M6 w/ Tubi exhaust

Just installed rear Tubi rear mufflers on an 06 M6


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i took the m6 for a speed run on the highway,enjoy.

AMV8 Tubi Exhaust Static
First Start up of the AMV8

Lamborghini Murcièlago LP640 Sound!! - Aftermarket Exhaust
I have filmed a Lamborghini LP640 in Giallo Evros (yellow) paintjob and with a huge spoiler on the back. The noise of the V12 is astonishing and extremely loud, so i invite to turn up the speakers and to watch the vid in high quality! You can see it making pretty fast fly bys, some accelerations and some great sounding downshifts. Also, the owner owns also a lovely black Lambo Superleggera. Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Marchettino Twitter: http://twitter.com/MarchettinoYT

BMW M6 - Tubi Rumore exhaust mod
Tubi Rumore Exhaust installation.

2007 BMW 650i Custom Exhaust
Friend of mine did this custom exaust for my 650i. Sounds ten times better in person. enjoy

M6 Eisenmann Race Exhaust
Exhaust Sound

SharkWerks Porsche 997TT With Tubi Exhaust System
http://www.sharkwerks.com Stage III 997TT with 640HP, GIAC flash, EVO headers and Tubi Exhaust etc...

BMW M6 Tubi Rumore Exhaust
BMW M6 with Tubi Rumore Exhaust inside cabin sound.

BMW M6 with Supersprint Exhaust on Dyno
BMW M6 with Supersprint Exhaust on Dyno

Maserati with Tubi Exhaust
Sweet sweet sounds of a Maserati with a pretend Ferrari engine and a Tubi Exhaust.

BMW M5 w/Tubi Style Exhaust & SS X-Pipe
Tubi Regular Exhaust with SS X-Pipe

BMW E63 M6 Acceleration with TUBI Exhaust Sound (Cabin)
Tubi Exhaust + Straight Pipe

BMW M6 with TUBI exhaust
My M6 with tubi Exhaust + Tubi center section sorry for the bad quality

CLS63 AMG Exhaust Note Resonator Deleted
This is the Exhaust not of the CLS63 (07) with the resonated deleted. The car has a much nicer sound when in motion with some load in 1st and 2nd.

'07 BMW M6 Titanium exhaust
Gruppe M RAM AIR SYSTEM MOTECK Titanium Exhaust SuperSprint Center Pipe

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