Lexus LS400 accelerating in the rain

A 1993 Lexus LS400. View of gauge cluster as car accelerates in the rain.

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The Million Mile Lexus on Track - LS400 Fast Blast - Everyday Driver
Matt Farah's 1996 LS400 has been all over the US in the hands of many journalists and friends racking up miles toward its 1,000,000 mile roll-over. When it came through Salt Lake City, we decided to do something absurd, and took it to Miller Motorsports Park. Because nothing says track car like a twenty-year-old million mile luxury car! Subscribe for Weekly Videos on Thursdays! If you'd like to help us do more films and go more places, become a Patron: Our "Car Debate" Audio Podcasts is every Tuesday here: mt=2 - Also on Stitcher or wherever you find Podcasts - Join us: Follow us:

1992 Lexus LS400 Nightime Start-up & Rev
LS400 at night.

Million Mile Lexus P.O.V. Drive
RCR meets Matt Fara's Million-Mile Lexus. At the time of this video, it was being driven by Freddy Hernandez/Tarvish.

Lexus LS400 acceleration 0-110mph TC OFF
Greasy condition so a bit of a sliding start.