Gray 350Z vs Red Honda S2000

CSCS drag racing event Aug 23rd 2009 Cayuga

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S2000 vs 350z
A few different runs on a closed course. All from the S2000 's perspective.

Honda Powered Oldschool Fiat
CSCS drag racing event Aug 23rd 2009 Cayuga

2004 Honda S2000 – Redline: Review
Follow us on Instagram @ redline_reviews and Facebook We'd like to dedicate this video to our good friend Henry, the owner of this pristine example. He was involved in a fatal rollover accident early morning on August 6th, 2016, RIP our friend... An iconic roadster complete with a sleek timeless design, screaming VTEC engine, and an F1 overall driving feel make the 2004 S2000 an instant classic car. With used car prices only appreciating for clean, low mileage examples like this one. Those of you looking for a sports car with pure visceral thrills should snatch one up while you can. Only buyers seeking a more pleasant daily driver will find its competitors more appealing.

Honda S2000 Vs Nissan 350Z Racewaypark New Jersey Sep 21,2008