Outlaw TURBO Pat Downs vs VWP

Here's some Outlaw turbo action from Drag Day on Oct. 31st 2010 Towerside is VW paradise's Pro Mod turbo injected bug Driver is Kris Lauffer. In the other lane is Pat Down's of CB Performance with a winning 6.51e.t

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Shawn Geers VW Drag Racing Video- Der Renn Kafer Cup Debut.wmv
Shawn Geers is the shit..your my hero! His 1963 Vw bug all motor running 10s. Also have seen the other bug in a Hot Vws mag.. there both quick cars!

How To Throw Knives in Outlaw Turbo
Roger Crawford and the JCL/Heads up Team win Outlaw turbo at Bug In with a Nitrous Car

Pat Downs @ Dragnight - First Pass (exterior view)
Pat Downs First Pass at VW Dragnight in South Carolina, 7-16-2011

AZN's VW Dung Beetle makes 438hp
We swapped out the turbo this weekend to a 62mm turbonetics T3/T4 and we made about 30 more HP. We also added a NX water/meth kit and cooled intake charges down by 30%. She idles like a stock bug using the RIP tuned Haltech fuel management. Shawn Here's built the 2332cc, CB Performance supplied the internals and Rancho built the Transaxle. 438hp at 19lbs of Boost she's ready to rock! www.okcfarmtruck.com