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2013 New TOYOTA CROWN RoyalSaloon - Exterior & Interior
SUBSCRIBE TODAY!! http://www.youtube.com/user/kgachapiso/videos?view=0 Hello!! and welcome to my channel!! In today's video is 2012 New TOYOTA CROWN RoyalSaloon. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!! ©2014 Driver's High Channel, All Rights Reserved.

Prussian Blue TOYOTA 210/CROWN ATHLETE BODYKIT(トヨタ 新型210 クラウン ハイブリッド アスリート エアロ)
New Toyota Crown athlete movie VerⅡは...こちら⇒⇒http://youtu.be/jUhOc9JKw00 M’z SPEEDのセダン専用シリーズ"Prussian Blue/プルシャンブルー"のBodyKitと、M’z SPEED "JJ Chromo 20inc"アルミホイールでカスタムしたToyota 210Crown hybrid athlete(エムズスピード プルシャンブルー トヨタ 新型210クラウン ハイブリッド アスリート)のPVです。 【AluminumWheel Website】 http://www.mzspeed.co.jp/products/wheel/jj-chromo/ 【エアロ HP】 http://www.mzspeed.co.jp/products/body-kit/detail/?CID=213 【新車コンプリートカーのご購入はこちら】 http://www.mzspeed.co.jp/complete_car/ 【Product Inquiry Form】 http://www.mzspeed.com/en/inquiry.asp 【Details of the home page body kit is here】 http://www.mzspeed.co.jp/?lang=En 【商品についてのお問い合わせ先】 エムズスピード/M'z SPEED 〒578-0966  大阪府東大阪市三島3-8-7 パーツ事業部 (業者様お問い合わせ):TEL. 06 (6748) 2603 新車・コンプリートカー事業部 (お車ご購入・お問い合わせ):TEL. 06 (6748) 2602 エムズ スピード ショップ (パーツのご購入・お取付け):TEL. 06 (6747) 2700 【Inquiries from overseas here】 3-8-7,Mishima, Higashiosaka, Osaka, 578-0966,Japan TEL. +81-6-6748-2603 FAX. +81-6-6748-2605 Email: office@mzspeed.co.jp

トヨタ 15 クラウン エンジン始動 【2001 Toyota Crown Startup】
平成13年式 GF-JZS155 トヨタ クラウン セダン ロイヤルサルーン NA 4AT FR 2JZ-GE 直列6気筒 DOHC 24VALVE 2997cc 撮影:iPhone5S 編集:無し ロック解除→キー挿入→乗り込み→ドア閉じ→ エンジン始動→空ぶかし→シフト確認→サイドB確認→ 指示器確認→ライト確認→エンジンオフ→降車→ドアロ ック

Toyota Hilux Surf и Андрей Бочаров - Большой тест-драйв (Stars) / Big Test Drive
Подкаст «Большой тест-драйв» - https://itun.es/ru/UdTgS.c Сайт: http://btdrive.ru/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/bigtestdrive | G+: http://google.com/+stillavinpro | Instagram: http://instagram.com/bigtestdrive | Facebook: http://facebook.com/stillavinpro | Vkontakte: http://vk.com/stillavinpro | LJ: http://btdrive.lj.ru Новые герои "Большого тест-драйва. Stars" Андрей Бочаров и Toyota Hilux Surf. Почему Андрей решил выбрать в качестве автомобиля японца с правым рулём, насколько его устраивает этот автомобиль и не возникает ли желание сменить машину на что-то более свежее?

Megafactories: Toyota Australia Chapter 1
http://natgeotv.com.au/tv/megafactories-toyota-australia/ 150,000 Vehicles Per Annum Production Capacity 2,500 Team Members 50 Years Australian Manufacturing 7 Astounding Plants 1 Toyota Megafactory After manufacturing vehicles in Australia for 50 years, it's no surprise Toyota has grown to be Australia's leading automotive company. Toyota Australia has just revealed a new state-of-the-art engine plant built to produce AR hybrid engines for local and export markets, one of only five engine plants of its kind. But getting there was no mean feat - and National Geographic Channel was there to capture the journey. The National Geographic Channel reveals the science, technology and behind-the-scenes stories that have enabled the company to produce some of the most innovative vehicles in the world. From the drawing board to the open road, witness as a stunning transformation takes place under the hands of skilled technicians, cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmen. Toyota Australia Powertrain Department Manager, Mark Taylor, said "I can honestly say I love my job. I couldn't think of a better place to work and I'm rapt Toyota is featuring on Megafactories." http://tinyurl.com/c6rcy6f : National Geographic Channel airs documentary about Toyota's local car assembly facility Toyota's vehicle manufacturing plant in Altona, west of Melbourne, is the subject of a new episode of National Geographic's Megafactories TV series. The episode in question went to air last night and will be seen again tonight on Foxtel. To date the series has focused on prestige brands or high-volume manufacturing capacity -- among them Lamborghini, Caterpillar, Winnebago, Porsche, John Deere, Harley-Davidson and the Swiss Army Knife. The Altona plant -- actually seven distinct facilities on a 75 hectare site -- is a marvel of vertical integration in a small market, and has been established around an outward-looking (export-driven) business model. 40,000 tonnes of steel are set aside each year for the initial panel stamping, according to Toyota, and engine castings require 600kg of aluminium throughput every 30 minutes. Each of the 100,000 or so cars built each year in Altona represents a parcel of 13,000 parts and 1.7km of wiring. The 2500 workers in the plant carry out 237 separate processes to create a car from an amalgam of components -- and the human workers are complemented by the 280 welding robots that call the plant home. But what makes the Altona plant special is the place it occupies in the Toyota world, according to Chris Harrod, Toyota Australia executive director, manufacturing and purchasing. "Australia was the first country in the western world where Toyota made an investment in manufacturing -- a move that played a crucial role in Toyota becoming the world's number one carmaker," he was quoted saying in a press release. "Building cars in Australia exposed the Japanese company to a vastly different culture and enabled it to learn many lessons that underpinned global success as it moved into the United States and Europe. "Today, Toyota is the leading automotive company in the world and we have been the top-selling car company in Australia for the past decade. "In addition, we are the only vehicle manufacturer in Australia building a hybrid car and late last year we opened a new engine plant at Altona, one of only five of its kind in the world. The documentary "provides an inside view of the Toyota world most people will never see first-hand - the innovation and technology behind our Altona 'megafactory'," says Harrod. "What's clear is the passion and the commitment of everyone involved in producing Camry, Camry Hybrid, Aurion and four-cylinder engines for local and export customers."

Toyota Highlander 2014 - тест InfoCar.ua (Тойота Х
Подробный тест-драйв Toyota Highlander 2014 от команды InfoCar.ua. Чтобы разнообразить сюжет, мы решили провести два теста - Тойоты Хайлендер, как городского кроссовера и помпового ружья, как оружия с

Toyota Crown 121 1986гв
Toyota Crown 1986 года выпуска 16 лет гаражного хранения 100 % ОРИГИНАЛ!! Запуск двигателя при температуре -30! Город Хабаровск !! Возможна продажа в Японию:)

Самый лучший драг рейсинг 2014.Toyota vs...
Самый лучший драг рейсинг 2014.Только одни Тойоты... Toyota celica vs Toyota mark 2 88 г.в Toyota celica vs Toyota mark 2 94.г.в Toyota mark 2 vs Audi a5 обзор, обзор авто, subaru, большой тест драйв, большой тест-драйв, рено дастер, тест драйв mercedes, стилавин тест драйв, главная дорога, уаз патриот, тест драйв мерседес, наши тесты, стопхам, топ гир, честный тест драйв, toyota camry, toyota, тест драйв, toyota celica, toyota chaser, тест драйв toyota, главная дорога, камри, toyota corolla e12, toyota mark 2, drift, crown, тойота королла, тойота камри, большой тест-драйв, тюнинг, тест драйв тойота, королла, инфинити, тюнинг автомобилей, наши тесты, дрифт, карина, audi a6, audi a5, bmw, bugatti Veyron, mercedes, ауди, ауди а5, ауди s5,

2012 TOYOTA CROWN RoyalSaloon - Exterior & Interior
Hello!! and welcome to my channel!! In today's video is 2012 TOYOTA CROWN 2.5L Royal Saloon i-Four. I'll introduce the exterior and interior. Please enjoy!! Thank you!!

Toyota Crown Drift 2「クラウンでドリフト2」
BGM:Adrenalin Electronica Long/Angry Angst Long 2011年4月11日、岐阜県YZサーキット東コースにおいて収録 。カメラはパナソニックAG-HPX175、GH1、ソニーまめカムHD GoPro HDを使用し、GLIDETRACK HD(1M)を併用。ファイナルカットプロ7.03にて編集しま た。 次回はレクサスIS-Fのドリフトを収録予定です。 YouTubeムービー制作します。 http://inlinefour.jp

2014 Toyota Crown Majesta (Official Video)
2014 model year Toyota Crown Majesta - the greatest car in the world!

トヨタ 新型クラウン アスリート ホワイト 試乗車 New Toyota Crown Athlete
トヨタ 新型クラウン アスリート 白 最初はフロン が変だと思いましたがロイヤルと同様カッコいいですね !クラウンはいつでもカッコイイ!

Toms Racing Motorsports History
Tom's racing motorsports history

ZEES CROWN ATHLETE / クラウンアスリート 名古屋オートトレンド2013
TOYOTA CROWN ATHLETE by ZEES ex system nagoya autotrend 2013

Toyota Corolla 2014 Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.
http://vk.com/antonavtoman Добавляйтесь в друзья!) http://www.facebook.com/anton.vorotnikov https://plus.google.com/u/0/110807444081517706579/posts Ещё Автомобили С класса http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW46cP6LCzTVJXJMk3DUEDzECztTxwoDP Toyota Corolla 2014 Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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