Getting Used to the Paddle Shifters on the Corvette I Rented

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2005 Corvette C6 Shifter Problem & Fix
Shifter will not come out of park, automatic transmission PetesTransmission.Com

SOLD C7 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Lime Rock Green for sale by Corvette Mike, Anaheim CA 92807
Lime Rock Green w/Brownstone interior, 6.2 liter/460hp, Paddle Shift automatic. Just arrived! The phenomenal C7's are here! The most technologically advanced Corvette ever built! This example is loaded with all of the most desirable options, including Z-51, 3LT, Carbon Fiber pkg, NAV, Suede inserts Black wheels and more! Lime Rock Green w/Brownstone interior is a color combination you have to see in person to truly appreciate how stunning it is! So, if you're in the area, come on down and check out the new Stingray for yourself! You'll be glad you did! Stk #5534

Corvette C6 Shifting Tips
This video will help C6 owners who have had shifting issues with their C6 Corvette. Trust me, it's not the transmission's fault. Go over this video several times and then go drive your Corvette. Come back to this videos afterward and please reply with your thanks......or

Which is better, manual or automatic transmission? Paddle shift or stick shift? Ending the debate! Which is better, manual or automatic transmission? Paddle shift or stick shift? Ending the debate! For the true enthusiast, the clutch pedal and gear stick or shifter are a JOY to use...NOT a burden. Traffic is the one exception but we are talking about the car enthusiast. We drive fr PLEASURE, NOT to get to work or get groceries. So traffic is not an issue when it's 7AM on a Saturday or Sunday and you are headed to your favorite country road. For the enthusiast, the clutch pedal is a PLUS not a minus. It is a critical part of what makes driving a stick shift an art. Automatic is email and manual is a hand written note. A dying art that is much more involved and personal than email. Making a perfect shift, makes me smile like NO paddle shift will EVER do! Manual is a piano played with a live band, automatic is one man with a Casio keyboard in his basement with automatic accompaniment generated by the keyboard. The feeling of playing a complex piece correctly dwarfs any reward of pressing ONE note and having the Casio keyboard play a bunch of chords automatically. Is a paddle shift a manual transmission? Being able to request gears manually does NOT make a transmission automatic. Remember in the automatics from the 80s you had "2" "L" "R"? So automatics have allowed you to "change gears" since the 80s. This is just like modern paddle shifters do. NOTE: A sequential gearbox is NOT the same as the classic automatic gearbox, but the point is, you could ALWAYS select/request gears in automatics. So the ability to SELECT gears does not make it manual. You need the ability to physically disengage the clutch by moving the throw out bearing and also to physically change the actual gears. This is all mechanically done, not electronically. It requires focus, finesse, strength, timing and skill and it's rewarding to do correctly. _________________________________ *Carlyle's Picks -* Reviews, information and ACTION videos on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!! Exotic cars, motorcycles, yachts, travel, gadgets and extreme sports! SUBSCRIBE FREE!! Facebook - Carlyle's Picks Carlyle's Picks List Twitter - POPULAR VIDEOS: 3 Engine Private Jet! Building your own REAL Lambo! Invisible 350Z setup for Bull Run Music: Kevin MacLeod: Space 1990 __________________________________________________ NOTE: Carlyle's Picks does NOT accept paid endorsement. *HOTT* ________________________________________ Data: 27:08:23:52.43 11^ 1v 8c 3 ore 28:08:10:23.148 20^ 1v 12c 1 note 29:08:00:35.270 26^ 1v 32c 24 ore 30:08:23:07.388 30^ 1v 48c 3 oggi 13:09:13:05:01.885 37^ 5v 72c ~18 oggi Add 07:12:13:23:44.12310 110^ 41v 165c