TDI CUP Edition

TDI Cup Edition at Herzog-Meier VW

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Dyno Run Glen Bernie, MD Mega Meet
This is my 2005.5 MKV VW Jetta TDI on the Dyno. SPECS: 185K+ Miles as of the recording of this video 1.9 L TDI Engine (Diesel) DSG Transmission (Auto/Manual) Mods: Rocket Chip Stage 1+ Tune Cat Back Straight Pipe Raceland Coilover Suspension TINT Oh and Sticker... Lots of Stickers! I finally was able to get my car, "The Mistress" Dyno'ed. After giving the operator some issue she finally gave up a few decent pulls. Yes you will have to see the end of the video to see the HP and Torque #s. Volkswagen VW Jetta TDI 2005.5 MKV MK5 "VW Jetta TDI Dyno" "Volkswagen Jetta TDI" Mega Meet "Mega Meet" "VW Dyno" "Volkswagen Dyno"

Fuel-efficiency tips from the VW TDI pros
Want ultimate fuel efficiency from your car? Learn the tricks of the trade from pros Gary Williams Jr. and David Jurca. Master their techniques and you might just be ready to showcase your skills in TDI Tank Wars, the fun, fuel-efficiency challenge for TDI Clean Diesels. At the least, you'll be adding miles between every fill up.

2010 Jetta Tdi DSG Test Drive Norden Autohaus Edmonton
I take a 2010 Jetta TDI comfortline for a quick spin and talk about what makes it special. Please leave comments I would love to hear from you ( I know the screen is flashing, it doesn't actually do that in real life, but it can happen sometimes when you are video taping ) Cheers! - Sean

2010 VW SportWagen Jetta TDI, Detailed Walk Around. Lease?
Sponsored by (Free Digital Coupons), (For Auto Dealers) and (Mobile Advertising). What you must know before you lease Take a quick look at the 2010 VW Volkswagen SportWagen TDI. 42 mpg. Panoramic sunroof. Clean diesel.