Day 2 1963 AMC rambler

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Poi 9 month practice
It's about time I uploaded a new vid... Comment and Rate me Ya'll!!! Like the title says 9th month practice with Ogg Poi Song is Caribou Lou by Tech N9ne ( I credited it Youtube!! Dont delete my vid!!)

1 Month practice
This is me after about a month back in july... I know I need to post a new one but i haven't had time

Birthday Burn 3
Performer: Zac Binx Tamed Fire - Music Artist: Zeds Dead Song: Eyes on Fire

Poi AE Test
Messing around with after effects and one of my previous performances (the sageone burn) Effects used in this one was just Echo with settings at 0.25 sec 4 echos 0.99 decay and i can't remember the rest lol