Day 2 1963 AMC rambler

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1962 Rambler Classic
Quite rusty. Such a shame since the car seems to run well and the upper body isn't half bad.

Day 7 1963 Rambler
Unfortunately we Don't have this car anymore.... The City of Visalia forced us to get rid of it........

Ramblin' in the 1962 Rambler
1962 American fun

1963 AMC Rambler American 440h startup and walkaround
Bought this as a project in 2009. Cosmetics were well preserved but the 195.6 engine needed work and the transmission was trashed. Found a NOS Borg/Warner T-96 with overdrive from AMCrazy that allowed me to get the car back on the road. 63k orig miles. Just a quick start and walk around. I'll post a video of a drive in it soon. 195.6 ci OHV 2bbl, T-96 3 speed and optional R10 overdrive. Not fast, but fun to drive.