Reducer Chernosvitov RDC002 for aircraft engine Subaru EJ

Редуктор для авиаконверсии двигателя Subaru EJ

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Propeller speed reducing unit for Subaru EJ-series
Сборка и технические подробности редуткора для Субару EJ

Subaru aircraft engine in Kitfox 4
Subaru engine running in Kitfox 4 project, going to replace it with a 912

Subaru Sti Turbo in Aircraft
2.5 Sti turbo installation in Morraine Saulnier MS880b.

Geared Drives PSRU for Subaru Prototype Test Run
By popular demand, Bud Warren of Geared Drives has developed a new spur gear and centrifugal clutch PSRU for Subaru! This double reduction redrive, accomodating reduction ratios up to 3:1, is exceeding all expectations in testing. This unit, like the original, has its own oil pump, oil reservior and filtration system, but best of all allows the use of a constant speed prop (or any prop you wish) since it has a drive port for your prop governor built right in. Oil temps run cool, the unit is absolutely quiet and lighter in weight than the others. The unit mounts on a plate like Eggs. As seen here it is mounted onto a 350 Chevrolet engine (Frankenstein) and original Geared Drives back cover just as a transition to the Chevy for test running only. See our website for more information.