More Audi S4 AWD drift fun! Alm Racing!

876hp Audi S4/A4 quattro with a 2.5L turbo engine. Kenneth Alm. Gardermoen Raceway Norway

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Audi vs. BMW Drift Compilation
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ALM Racing raw footage PART 2 (AUDI S4, S2 4 wheel drift at Gatebil)
Going through my archive of videos I have found a lot of footage on the brothers Kenneth Alm and Flemming Alm. They are known for their sideways action in their Audis. I will be uploading it in parts so subscribe if you like this. This is footage from all the way back from So thanks to all the guys helping out shooting this. Be sure to check out next week for Part 3 Music: P-Holla Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Apparel:

Alm Racing - #45 bruze 2013 The film is a simple raw footage film from 2013 that bruze (Marcus Brunzell) filmed and edited. The film is not official team movie.

Fredric Aasbø utfordrer Block med heftig bil-film
Video originally published on on 06.01.2015 RIDE OF THE LIFE: Filmen handler om ti år gamle Dillon får drømmen sin om en tur med en drifter oppfylt. Bak rattet: Vår egen Fredric Aasbø. Video: PAPADAKIS RACING