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Third gen fest 2012. 1983 Z28 Supercharged 400 entering.

supercharged and very powerful. One of my fav Camaros there.


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Third gen fest 2012, camaros and firebirds burnouts. video 1

thirdgen fest 2014 camaro+firebird burnouts leaving

Supercharged Camaro burnout Thirdgen Fest 2012
this sweet Camaro with a Supercharger frogot what size the motor was but won 3 trophys including best in show does a burnout

thirdgen fest 2013 burnouts/cars leaving video 5 of 7
I was sliping in the rain at 3:00 to 3:05 all the way up that road.

Street Actions Third-Gen Rideout 2014
Street Actions Third-Gen Rideout (Camaros & Trans Ams ONLY) 2014 Songs: "Bitch I Look Good" by Kool John ft. P Lo "Nothing" by Kool John ft. IAMSU! & Dave Steezy

Third Gen Fest 2009
Third Gen fest 2009

Thirdgen fest 12. camaros and firebirds caravan entering show.
THE LOST VIDEO! incoming caravan to thirdgen fest 12. Camaros and firebirds.

86 383 camaro stroker z28 third gen
my car. 383 crate engine, tpi very worked, stainless works long tube and y-pipe, Dynomax "cat" back

355 TPI Iroc with over 600rwhp, 9" rear. T56, autoart wheels, Ysi vortech supercharger

5.0 Camaro IROC-Z (230hp G92 performance package)
A little montage/compilation vid of the old G92-code Camaro... more info on the G92 optioned F-Body, below... Produced by nedaCFilms, http://www.V8ponycars.com and http://www.Mustang-Town.com Unlike the 1985-89 models, G92 option in 1990 was expanded and purchased as a full "performance package" rather than requiring other options and simply being a performance axle option. G92 could be ordered two ways: with or without air conditioning. Ordering G92 `without air conditioning (C41 standard heater) added the 1LE "Road Racing Performance Package". The G92 package was only available with 5.7L 350ci B2L code or 5.0L TPI 5-speed LB9 code. All 5.7L 350ci IROC-Z's were required to have the G92 package in 1990 and 1991-92. G92 with air conditioning (C60): - Optional axle ratio (5.0L 305ci w/ 5-speed = 3.42 ratio and/or 5.7L 350ci = 3.23 ratio) - Rear disc brakes (J65) - Performance Exhaust system (N10) "dual Y-pipe w/ dual catalytic converters" - Engine oil cooler (KC4) - 5.0 liter TPI (LB9) with 5 speed gets revised and more aggressive cam for 230hp rating - Weight saving spare (N64) G92 w/o air conditioning (C41) in addition to above adds 1LE "Road Racing" performance package consisting of: - Fog lamp delete - Aluminum driveshaft (JG1) - Larger (11.86 inch) front rotors and PBR Australian built HD front dual piston aluminum calipers - Special swinging fuel pickup in gas tank and special 18 gallon baffled fuel tank for fuel pickup down to .5 gallon reserve to prevent fuel starvation in hard cornering The 1990 model year was only a half year of production. Due to the termination of the Chevrolet IROC contract, no IROC-Z's were produced after 12/31/1989. Instead, the 1991 Camaros were introduced early during last half of the normal 1990 model year... 1990 IROC's are easily identifiable: 1990 was the first year for the updated interior which included drivers side airbag, redesigned instrument panel, yellow lettering on dash, rounded controls, etc. So 1990 IROC's are the only IROC's with the new interior... In 1990, the base engine for the IROC was finally the higher horsepower LB9 TPI 305 rather than the base lack luster economy version TBI LO3 V-8. However, G92 had to be specified now to get the more aggressive cam and 230hp LB9 motor in the 5 speed LB9 IROC-Z. Previously, all 5 speed LB9 IROC-Z's got the higher output LB9. One other difference between a 1989 5.7 IROC and a 1990 5.7 IROC are the pistons.The 350 (only) received lighter weight pistons thus a slight horsepower increase of 240 (1989) to 245 (1990). In 1990, TPI Camaros switched from MAF air metering systems to MAP systems. This eliminated the mass airflow (MAF) sensor... IROC-Z convertible now came standard with 16 inch wheels and P245/50ZR-16 tires. G80 limited slip differential became standard equipment on IROC-Z. The Borg-Warner HD rear end was dropped and replaced with the old 7.625 (7 5/8) inch rear end. Because the Borg-Warner axles were no longer being used for the G92 option, optional axle ratios changed slightly: LB9 305 TPI 5 speed went from 3.45 (1989) to 3.42 (1990) and the B2L 350 TPI went from 3.27 (1989) to 3.23 (1990). Many late-model enthusiasts consider the 1985-86 years being the models that ushered in the rebirth of the American Performance PonyCars, with the introduction of GM's 5.0L TPI (Tuned Port) and Ford's 5.0L EFI, the High-Output PonyCar wars were again in full force... By 1990 and with GM tired of the lighter 5.0 LX having its way with the Camaro and Firebird, the G92 option was offered as a full "Performance Package" rather than simply a performance axle option... with G92 consisting of multiple performance upgrades and weight saving options and the 5-speed cars getting more aggressive cam specs, GM and their F-body twins were finally getting the upper hand on the street again, and getting revenge for all the 5.0L F-body automatics that were getting outrun on the streets and dragstrips by the infamously quick Fox-Body platformed 5.0L Mustang. The G92 code was GM's Ace in its sleeve. But Ford also had a secret weapon... A bare-bones, and couple hundred lbs. lighter than the LX & GT hatch models, the 5.0L Notchback Coupe (trunk models), that could run documented 14 second flat 1/4 mile times...

Thirdgen Fest 2012 Burnouts
all the burnouts that happend at thirdgen fest Camaros firebirds trans ams

3rd Gen Camaro Build
A (lotta) work in progress. I started this project to swap a 191cubic inch V6 to a 350 V8 (along with performance parts, and swapping & upgrading the transmission) in 2009. (see modifications list below.) These are pictures and videos as I progressed and the very first engine start and test drive. I applied primer to protect the metal as I knew I would have to put the project on hold, which is where it has been since. Plan to start again by gutting & redoing the interior here in 2012. --------------- 350 block swap moddified Vortec heads CompCams XE268 cam Edelbrock Performer RPM Vortec intake Edelbrock 750cfm AVS carb Headman 1 5/8 headers 700R4 transmission - .500" line pressure Boost valve - huge servos - servo release check valve - TCI throttle valve - TCI Breakaway 2400 stall converter (lockup) - B&M ratchet shifter, front oil cooler, TrickShift oil.

LS2 T56 IROC third gen Camaro
Just some "last days before winter" driving. Cold slippery pavement won't give much smoke or grip..

third gen fest 2012 trans am convertible burnout.

1984 z28 camaro supercharged
1984 z28 Camaro 350 small Blk weiand Supercharger 3:73 gears 350 turbo trans, mild cam, headers

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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