Datsun 1200 - 1st engine start

Datsun 1200 "Latinhas" - Engine Start

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Kako Racing Datsun 1200 Coupe SR20DET VVL 7.07 @ 190MPH
Courtesy GRS-MOTORSPORT.COM, car is doing really well , almost a six second pass again, unfortunate small touch though.

datsun 1200 a15 first start up, street race engine
this is my a15, what do you think??

Datsun V320 Van
This is a 1963 Datsun V320 Delivery Van, badged as a Datsun 1200 - 60hp. It's the commercial van/wagon verson of the 320 ute which was based on the 310-312 series Datsun Bluebird. Music is by Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto was number 13 in the 100 top hits of 1963.

datsun 1200 ute a15 rev up start up show
the a15 in the ute not tuned yet , will get around to doing it soon but.. check it out when it was on the pellet