Cold Start on VW Drag Engine without touching throttle.

Been working here and there on getting the cold startup settings dialed in on my drag engine. Takes a while when you get one shot each morning between changes. Engine is a 2276cc, FK-89, 48x38 Comp Eliminator heads, 12.5:1 CR, running 91 pump gas with Megasquirt 3 for crankfired ignition and coil-on-plug ignition. Intake system is a home-brew built by me. It works well at keeping intake air temps ambient and has introduced a lot more low end torque than I had with the ITB's that were on there before. Overnight low was 35 degrees, but the car/engine only cooled down to 43-44 degrees overnight. Was hoping for a sub freezing night, but will have to wait until next fall it looks like.

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VW Drag Engine 2700cc Dyno soon. Dangerous Dave Butler
First start up with new .775" lift cam and stepped Exhaust.

1776cc VW beetle motor
1776cc (69mm x 90.5mm) with dual 40 IDF Weber carbs. Engle 120 cam w/ performance lifters. 40mm x 35mm valves (044 heads). Tri-mil Exhaust. Oil/filter pump combo. Flamethrower II coil & points replacement. 009 distributor. 8mm performance plug wires. For a video of this engine running in the car, please click on the link below.

Roger Crawford's 2275cc "Weekend Warrior" motor from Heads-Up_Performance
This is a Heads-Up-Performance, Roger Crawford 2275cc "Weekend Warrior" motor. It was built to compete in the Der Renn Kafer Cup series. It includes Weber 51.5 carburetors from JayCee Enterprise of Santa Ana, CA. The motor was just tuned by George Schmidt of The Butcher Shop and Dyno was performed at Chico Performance Racing in Arcadia, CA. The complete motor is show condition and ready for a fuel line. It features 44X37.5 Competition Eliminator Heads, Engle FK-8 cam, straight cut gears, 10:7 to 1 compression, 1.4 Forged Rockers. The Dyno sheet showed 173HP at 6500RMP and 158 Torque at 5000RPM.

Turbo VW Dragster Dyno.wmv
First Dyno trip, normal amount of teething issues with a brand new motor. Mainly a converter that kept the wheels from catching up with the motor. Once that's figured out we'll post up some new numbers!