Saturn Ion # sport 2.4L 20 - 70ish MPH run

Didn't really get a clean start. Bone stock 5spd Ion 2.4L. As you can see at the end i ran out of room.

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Saturn Top Speed Run
Ever see the speedometer on a car and just know that it didn't go that fast? Well, I decided to see how fast a friend's Saturn Ion really went.

Turbo Saturn Ion
turbocharged 2.2L Saturn Ion 1 pulls and such.

Turbo RWD Saturn SC + 3 idiots = Happy Holloween!
The turbo RWD Saturn maiden voyage on Boost with your standard shenanigans of course. Enjoy! **** The car is not an Alpha Tuning car. I helped with a few things but Sam (my buddy) did the entire bui

2005 Saturn Ion 2.4L Intake Manifold
Just swapped a 2.4L Intake Manifold on my 2.2L L61 and it bolted up no problem and with no mods. I haven't received my adapter plate yet for the throttle body, so I have a Check Engine Light because of a vacuum leak. Pulls all the way up to 6500 RPMS instead of about 5500 RPMS. Did the swap for $150 instead of the $600 Crate Engine Depot kit.