Sgt. Rocks Laser FWD 16G DSM - 12.1 @ 122MPH

ForcePower Motorsports built and tuned FWD Laser, owned and driven by Chris from Team S.O. DSM. 16G powered DSM runs 12.1 @ 122MPH with a decent burnout.

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DSM Shootout 2010 - Warren goes 11.07@141

Boost Junkies FWD stock 14B
This is our first trip out to the track with the stock 14B turbo. We are chasing the current 14B record. Mods 14B, Fp manifold, Large FMIC, Extrude intake, Crower 413 cams, ECMlink V3 setup for SD, Welded diff, weld wheels, 24.5X15 M/T slicks

World Record 10 sec 14b Dsm @ CMI 2014 FWD dsm
Lil action from the 14b crowd at sacramento raceway

11 second DSM 16g 20psi @ Cordova Midnight Mayhem - May 23rd 2014
all my passes at the track from midnight mayhem, couple of off runs then got my 11 second pass. Drove it 2 hours to the track that night, and 2 hours back home. 25mpg on E85 like a champ... 6bolt motor, stock trans, 16g, 20psi, street tires, running e85.