Giving A Police Officer A Parking Ticket. (ORIGINAL)

This was in New York City, Downtown Manhattan, as me and my friends was going to a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, we stayed looking for a parking spot for a good 30 minutes, we found an empty spot next to the police car that was parked by the fire hydrant. We went to the restaurant, we ate, walked around for a while, came back, and the police car was still parked in the same spot. Thats when one of my friends decided to give him a citation. We wouldve stayed until the cop came back to see the reaction, but we didnt have time to wait longer. Hope you enjoyed. Leave your feed back about the video. Also give some feed back about how police officers take advantage of the badge! WE ARE ALL THE SAME! AND THE LAW APPLIES TO THEM JUST LIKE HOW IT APPLIES TO US! THANK YOU AGAIN! SUBSCRIBE!

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Mr Policeman it is none of your business
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Vancouver Sword guy stand off - take down May 30, 2011 - ORIGINAL CONTENT
This is a clip of the end of the police stand off with the man who was waving a sword in downtown Vancouver at the corner of Georgia and Burrard Streets. May 30, 2011. From CTV: The 23-year-old man at the centre of a dramatic police standoff in downtown Vancouver Monday afternoon involving anti-riot guns, a Taser and a sword has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon. The incident unfolded in front of hundreds of bystanders at the busy intersection of Burrard and Georgia streets after he allegedly began waving the sword and ranting. The man was first seen sheathing and unsheathing the sword near the Metrotown SkyTrain Station at around 1:30 p.m., but soon boarded a train into Vancouver. Transit Police intercepted him at Burrard Station, but he refused to cooperate with negotiators or comply with demands to drop the sword. Emergency Response Team members were called in, and eventually fired both a Taser and non-lethal anti-riot guns at him, both of which were ineffective. Officers were finally forced to chase him down, tackle him and seize the weapon. No injuries were reported. Paramveer Singh Rarru, who is known to police, has been charged with one count of weapon possession. He has been remanded into custody and police have asked the courts to consider a psychological examination.

Civilian pulls over K-9 Police Officer for speeding | Excuse? "I'm the police" (Part 3 of 3)
See description for more details. Watch Part 1: Watch Part 2: Watch Part 3: Update 7-2-15: I was notified by the Office of Police Conduct Review with a letter from Communities United Against Police Brutality - Their a Minnesota organization / watchdog group to reduce police brutality. They request information and track the outcomes of complaints. I spoke with a wonderfully nice volunteer from the organization and it seems like they have a LOT of good things going on - and they've won lawsuits and implemented real #change. One of the alarming things they track is the number of people killed by police in Minnesota, and "provide support for survivors of police brutality and families of victims so they can reclaim their dignity and join the struggle to end police brutality." Here's an eye opening article from their watch dog group: "Police-Community Relations, Body Cams and the Co-optation of the Community Agenda" Body-Cams-and-the-Cooptation-of-the-Community-Agenda.pdf --- Summary of this video: Here's the video of me following and eventually pulling over a Minneapolis police officer speeding on average 56mph in a 40mph zone (up to 63mph at the highest). Turns out the other car (regular Toyota Camry) driving the same crazy speed without any warning lights or sirens was actually the police officer's wife in her personal car and he finds no issue with it. I have to ask his officer / badge number 3 times and the response to why he was driving way over the speed limit and how unsafe it was included "is it" and "I'm the police". I attempted to file a complaint multiple times and was hung up on. Only after finding a place to file an official complaint on the website did I hear from an investigator. More details available if people are interested. This video was jacked by 50/50innertainmen and has amassed 1,066,018 views and 17,498 shares as of April 5th, 2015 - one month later. "A Civilian pulls over a Police officer K-9 Unit for speeding and issues him a Warning!"

Cop caught breaking the law
I wonder if we did this could we say well the cop did it?