87 crx - 93 civic - 90 celica alltrac

This video was muted out of my control because of ridiculous copyright laws for a song from the early 90's. Thanks to those corporate pigs, you get to enjoy the video muted. I was bored at work so I decided to play with Movie Maker.

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1990 Celica Gt-S Tribute
My old celica which is now gone due to an accident. I made a little tribute for the car. currently own my dream car Rx7 FD3S

Lambo vs Honda CRX
2001 Lambirghini vs Honda CRX

1990 Celica Turbo Alltrac Exterior
A video of the exterior condition

Toyota Celica All-trac GT4 3 Inch Motoria W/Tubular Manifold and Downpipe 3sgte Turbo AWD ST-185
ST185 turbo Toyota Celica GT4 Modified 3inch 3'' 3 Exhaust downpipe manifold ethanol e-85 1991 91 WRC JDM Engine XS Power Tubular Manifold 12lb Flywheel Rev