Coolest Police Chase Ever

This really is the most epic and awesome police chase ever. This guy just wanted attention because the mayor was leaving office that day.

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10 Craziest Police Chases Caught On Camera (USA)
In this video, we take a look at 10 Craziest police chases caught on camera. This video is the first part in a series of police chase videos from around the world. (Next part will be UK police chases) If you have any suggestions for future videos then please leave a comment below. Music used: Alone - Chuki Beats More police chase videos here - Thanks for watching! Follow FactFaction on Twitter In this countdown, we have compiled some of the craziest, and most shocking police chases caught on camera. If you know of any other crazy police chases which were caught on tape then please send us a message or leave a comment below!

Los Angeles Police Chase Crazy Mercedes-Benz Driver
** Subscribe for more: ** A two-hour car chase between police and an attempted murder suspect on the run brought the traffic in Los Angeles to a standstill. The suspect was spotted by police driving through Compton, California, on Thursday evening. He was described as dangerous and possibly armed. Deputies told that the suspect was wanted in connection with an attempted murder that took place on Monday. Officials said the suspect and three other males were in a car when they attempted to shoot someone from the vehicle. The gun reportedly malfunctioned, officials noted. The terrifying chase shut down Freeway 91 after the assailant was seen weaving in and out of traffic and slamming into cars. Nearly a dozen officers were in pursuit of the black Mercedes before throwing out a spike strip, which failed to stop the suspect as he continued to drive on rims and blown-out tires. Eventually, a SWAT team used a long pole to smash the rear window of the suspect’s car and drop a canister of tear gas inside. The man then fled from his car and was taken into custody. Deputies could not confirm whether the suspect was the attempted gunman or an accomplice. ✋ About the video / Community guidelines ✋ This footage is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating.

Phoenix Police Chase (March 15, 2017)
PHOENIX - An all-day crime spree ended in the death of a murder suspect on Wednesday. The suspect led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen yellow Corvette, before crashing and being shot to death. The whole string of events began Wednesday morning at the scene of a murder in an Ahwatukee condo, near 48th Street and Elliot Road. Officers say drugs were suspected to have been a factor. Police say 40-year-old Nathan Cahal was the victim found shot to death. Police identified the murder suspect as 25-year-old Todd Munson -- linking him to numerous crimes across the Valley Wednesday. According to police, shortly after being identified as the murder suspect, detectives spotted Munson walking on a sidewalk near 67th Avenue and Bell Road in Glendale. He ran from police, jumped over a wall into an apartment complex and may have shot himself in the leg, police say. Police say Munson stole a car at gunpoint and attempted to steal another before taking a white pickup truck. A short time later, police say Munson stole the Corvette at a Barber Shop near 7th Avenue and Union Hills Drive. Before he stole the Corvette, police say he crashed the stolen pickup truck into the shop, completely destroying the business. Munson drove the fast car to a convenience store parking lot near Tatum Boulevard and Union Hills Drive where he attempted to steal the cellphones of two people at gunpoint, according to police. He eventually took the cellphone of a woman in front of a home near 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road. Munson attempted to steal the cellphone of another person while stopped at a red light, but drove off before doing so, police say. The high-speed chase involved dangerous speeds and wrong-way driving. Officers used an unmarked vehicle to put an end to the wild ride -- crashing the yellow Corvette into a traffic light pole. One of the responding officers suffered minor injuries in the collision, according to police. Officers ended up firing on Munson, killing him after police say he pointed his weapon at an officer. The Corvette was seen on fire shortly after the incident ended. Police say a semi-automatic handgun was found inside the suspect's vehicle. No bystanders were hurt during the deadly chase.

10 CRAZIEST Police Chases Caught On Camera
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