Forza Horizon Drift Build Nissan Datsun

Whats going on guys so this is another forza horizon Drifting build of the February Car Pack The Nissan Datsun i wasn't to happy seeing this as a from forza 4 but honestly i kinda like this car :P i hope you guys enjoy and leave a like and a comment if you do Follow my twitter @SLAP_Train

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Forza Horizon 3 FAIL Compilation (Best of Racing Games FAILS)
Ultimate Forza Horizon 3 Fail Compilation! Best of Racing Games Fails, enjoy! :) ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ Racing Games FAILS Series ► ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ INSTAGRAM ᐅ WEBSITE ᐅ

Forza Horizon F100 Truck Drifting Build
Whats going on everyone and its been some time since i have done one of these build in horizon and its nice to see some nice fresh content from horizon :) i hope you guys enjoy the video and make sure you guys enter into the giveaway which i will be announcing winners on monday :) T-Shirt Shop Twitch Account Follow my twitter @SLAP_Train Setup Wheel: Fanatec CSR wheel Pedals: Fanatec Elite Pedals Shifter : Fanatec Six Speed Shifter Ebrake: Modded Shifter Note: This is a sponsored video

Forza Horizon 1 GoPro Remember The Forza 1000 Club?? + BARN FIND
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Forza Horizon 1986 Honda Civic Build/Cruise w/Fanatec Wheel
Whats going on everyone this car pack is free right now on the marketplace so if u haven't yet go pick it up because i don't know about you but free is Right in my price range for me :P ahha but i hope you guys enjoy this video and like it to see the 2013 civic build :) I hope you guys enjoy these videos and hope your loving the daily content :) Follow my twitter @SLAP_Train