72 Skylark Conv. / 3" X-change headerback / StreetPro

This 1972 Skylark Convertible has a Pypes 3" Header-back system with an X-change crossover. It also features Pypes 3" StreetPro mufflers.

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69 Chevelle / Pypes 2.5" X-pipe system / Racepro
There is a Pypes 2.5" headerback system with X-pipe giving this 1969 Chevelle a performance Boost. This Chevelle also features a pair of Pypes Racepro mufflers.

2007 Mustang Pony With Street Pro Mufflers
Engine is Normally Asperated. No Boost whatsoever! Mods: C&L CAI, Diablo Predator 93 octane tune with custom tweaks of my own to timing and fuel settings, Pypes cat back true duals, Street Pro mufflers, Ford Racing posi-trac' rear w/3.31 gear ratio. The smoke you see is steam. It was only 31 degrees outside when I made the video.

68 GTO / 2.5" non-X system / Dynomax
This Stock 1968 GTO has a Pypes 2.5" Non-Xpipe header-back System. The owner chose to install Dynomax Superturbo mufflers with the Pypes system.

72 Buick Skylark pypes exhaust V8
This video is from www.pypesExhaust.com