85 Rx-7 with Fuji Racing ITB

Car was running pretty rich as it was running off a base map from another car. And the throttle issue was solved by replugging in the Coolant temperature sensor. This is with Fuji Racing ITB's 47mm .. Dyno videos should be up in a couple of days once i get on it.

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RX-7 with fuji racing itb's acceleration
This is is fairly easy start launch. Didn't feel like chewing my new rubber yet. Anyways I'll let the video do its share of speaking

Rotary Werks ITB RX8
Prototype ITB kit made by Rotary Werks For the RX-8 running on a Adaptronics ECU still in its test and tuning phase.

4 Rotor Mazda RX-8 Time Attack Car Revving Engine At Seven Stock 2009
This is 5 glorious minutes of a naturally apserated (individual throttle bodies) 4 Rotor RX-8 time attack car revving its god like engine for a massive crowd at the 2009 Seven Stock event in Irvine California. Turn up your speakers! http://www.motorworldhype.com http://www.sevenstock.org

First Drive of the 1982 Rx7 S4 13b ITBs 4.78s Megasquirt
My 1982 Mazda Rx-7 GS with an S4 6port 13b, ITBs, 4.78 gears, RE Speed Big Brake front, Racing Beat universal rotary mufflers