Srt 8 Challenger FAIL - TFV

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Hellcat Challenger Donuts
This was quite fun. The traction control was on on the first try, that's why it was a fail.

Ever since Dodge released the Hellcat, I could not wait to see them at the my local dragstrips here in northern Illinois. It's been a mixed bag to say the least. I'm always on the lookout for the emblem on the front fender, as I see many similar looking Scatpacks which in their own right are impressive. On this Friday Nite Test n Tune at beautiful RT66 Raceway in Joliet 7-24-15, I spotted this Sublime Green Cat in the staging lanes awaiting it's turn. Pretty sure the driver spotted me filming and was going to let it all hang out and that he a point. Winding the rev limiter up to what had to be the 6000rpm limit, the 707hp was firmly planted to the track...Well not so much lol. I guess what was more impressive was running 115.51mph and giving the R/T a 8 sec lead and only losing by under 4 sec. I think Dodge should consider a mandatory class or at least a option to teach people how to properly get optimum results with their Hellcats. Click on the following link to see video I shot of a buddy who definitely knows how to drive his Hellcat...