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25 Most Haunting Photos from Chernobyl
From the abandoned dolls of Pripyat, to the rusting soviet Secret Weapon, here are 25 most haunting photos of Chernobyl. Subscribe to American Eye 13. A Bumpy Past This photo here displays the grim remains of the bumper cars that would have brought much joy the children of the city. They’re now left to rust within the chernobyl exclusion zone, gather dust and erode from the elements. 12. Ferris Wheel Possibly the most iconic image of the Chernobyl exclusion zone would be this ferris wheel. The photo is captured from an aerial view and it shows the large amount of trees that have sprung up since no one is there to cut them down 11. Time For School What could possibly be more terrifying than dolls? Possibly abandoned dolls left in the kindergarten of Chernobyl. The elements have eroded their natural form making these look even more horrifying than ever. 10. Abandoned Library What else would expect to see from an abandoned library in Pripyat? The books are scattered all across the library that was once considered to be the cultural center of the region. 9. The Main Square Here we see a photograph of the Main Square of Pripyat during it’s golden years but as we zoom out we can see the eerie contrast as 30 years go by with no people. It truly is remarkable what happens to land when humans are not around. 8. The Grid If you’re familiar with call of duty black ops, this photo might seem familiar to you. The multiplayer level “the Grid” was modeled after the “Duga Radar System” facility which is found within the exclusion zone. In the background you see the extremely powerful radar system and some of the buildings to house on the workers here. 7. Top Secret This was one of the Soviet Union’s biggest and most powerful secret spying weapons during the cold war and you better believe it used a lot of energy. You can tell from this photo how completely massive it is and it would be able to pick up. It could successful detect rocket launches from over 2500 km away. Some believe that this advanced facility, was using so much electricity that it essentially caused the Chernobyl meltdown. What do you believe. 6. Entrance This photo shows another entrance into the abandoned facility that would have been a key factor in protecting the Soviet Union from a potential attack. In the left upper corner, you see the giant metal skeleton of the Duga radar device. It was often given the nickname of the Woodpecker, due to the tapping noises it would give off on radio signals. 5. Ghost Town Who is this person standing alone in the Red Forest of Chernobyl. And why can’t we see her face? Could it be a guh guh ghoooost?!! Not this time. This photo was taken of a Pripyat survivor, Alina Rudya. who was only a baby when the catastrophe took place. 4. A Dark Reminder Rudya’s haunting tale continues as she visits her mother’s old apartment building in Pripyat. She stumbled across this black and white photo of her as a child and her mother standing next to her. After 30 years go by it’s quite shocking to find something like this still here. 3.Pool of Gas Masks Gas masks were stored here just in case something catastrophic happened but it appeared to serve them little to no use since the toxins can be absorbed through the skin. This eerie image was captured behind the rotting walls and won’t bet getting used anytime soon. 2. The Red Forest One of the creepiest forests on Earth is undoubtedly the Red Forest. This sign in the front, warns travellers her the toxicity of this area. Many trees died here from absorbing too much radiation from the explosion and you can tell these ones here don’t have many trees left. Although some wildlife has managed to thrive in some places here, this is basically only due to the absence of mankind. The Future of Chernobyl Children are considered to be the next generation and in Chernobyl and surrounding areas in Belarus, it’s not looking too bright. The infant mortality rate in belarus is 300 percent higher than in the rest of Europe. Only 31 died in the explosion but estimates of those who’ve suffered from cancer or other illnesses from the radiation is unknown. Thousands of children wait in line for cardiac surgeries each year but not all of them will get it. The soviet Union tried to cover up the devastation but too many strange symptoms like this and mutations have been popping up. Here in this photo, we see children suffering from acute baldness directly from radiation in Chernobyl. No cure has been found yet and we can only hope that some day, this land will return back to normal. bal

Big Engines Starting Up
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View Inside - Chernobyl's - Nuclear reactor 25 years after
As the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster approaches, the BBC's Daniel Sandford has been given rare access to the contaminated reactor block. Considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, the site in Ukraine is still a dangerous place to visit. The disaster occured on 26 April 1986 at reactor number four when a power outage surge led to a series of explosions and a plume of radioactive smoke.