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Vehicles of the Exclusion Zone
Rare footage of Radioactively contaminated vehicles destined never to leave the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Москвич, модели которые мы не увидим

Hundreds of Radioactive Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl
Meanwhile in Chernobyl interesting things are happening. During the Chernobyl catastrophe there were hundreds of army vehicles, including combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters used to operate in first days of the disaster in Pripyat. All those vehicles got very radioactively polluted and afterwards they were all stored on a special strip of land in Chernobyl. Hundreds of vehicles. However the most recent satellite photo shows.. they all have disappeared! Let's see inside:

16x9 - Ghost Town: Canadian community abandoned 30 years ago
16:9 takes you to a real-life ghost town - Kitsault, BC. Find out why this entire Canadian community was abandoned more than 30 years ago. Carolyn Jarvis reports.