spoon eg build

my old project created.

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eg coupe project

Lakers Cıvıc EG - Samsun Honda Garage

Final Stage's white EG Hatch
Hey guys, this is my first video made, lmk what you think and hit me up if you like it and want to set up a shoot/video. facebook page: www.facebook.com/GetLoPhotography

Antonio's Project 93 EG
93 Eg. Paint was oxidized, Interior trashed. Replaced interior carpet.Chose Type-R red carpet from Stock interiors. went with Gold Passport JDM lugs. Tire blew on way back from MIA. Used Cyclo dual head buffer, and there Gel compound on outside. Engine95 1.5 Jap Spec VTI D15B Vtec Motor Swap 4.725 (type R) final drive frankenstein tranny.  Performance: Cold air intake, 4-2-1 headers, 2/1/2 catback Exhaust system, test pipe, GSR throttle body, Skunk2 intake manifold pro series, JDM p08 ecu, 13" honda Vx wheels, imported 175/60/13 tires from UK for gear ratios, custom final drive gear ratio (4.725), NGK wires, NGK colder plugs, lowering springs, no p/s Exterior: Spoon duckbill, JDM black headlights +amber corners+fogs, type R lip, tints, 4900k high performance white bulbs, Interior: Ex tach cluster, full EG interior, alpine cd player, infinite speakers, SI sunroof,