Replacing valve stem seals in 305 H.O. small block chevy from 1986 Monte Carlo SS

I'm putting the original 305HO back in the Monte after taking the ZZ3 out for my Iroc project. This is mainly to make the car mobile but it may end up tagged with this engine for a while. Previous owner reported that this 305 has over 100k miles on it and has been out of the car since 1997. He said it smoked during startup and sure enough the valve stem seals were worn out. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

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How to STOP Engine Exhaust smoking - How to change valve stem seals
Single Over-Head Camshaft(SOHC) Engine Oil Consumption reduction. How to Stop Engine from Burning oil and emitting Blue smoke at the Tail-Pipe is one of the reason cause my worn-out seals. How to Prevent Foul Spark-Plugs, Mis-fire cause by Oil consumption in the Combustion Chamber. Take a LOOK at one of the ways to prevents engine oil from entering the Cylinder Combustion Chamber. Fully detail and involve Video, NOT FOR NOVICE and or BEGINNERS. Here you will SEE one of the most common issue associated with today`s V6 engine Front Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles. One of the best way to prevent Oxygen(EGT) Sensor from oil contamination(damage). See! How to help the Catalytic-Converter and inside the Exhaust system to remain clean with No oily Smell. Valve-Stem Seal is something required on most engine with over a 100,000 mile of operating endurance or Long Term Storage. Learning How To maintain a clean and un-restricted Engine Block PCV passage-Way. Reducing Crank-Case Pressure or failure to evacuate the pressure cause by Blow-By is MOST IMPORTANT in order to prevent FLAMMABLE GAS EXPLOSION during operation of the Engine. Gases can build-up(pressure) in the Oil pan and Rocker cover(Atmosphere) waiting to be ignited by spark-plug Flame, bypass the Piston Rings. NEWLY release Information base on yrs of research have expose ill-effect for the engine due to poor Maintenance or 100,000 mile limitation. The use of a Special Tool is required for a Valve-Stem Seal replacement other Very Important Information is also demand to achieve successful repair. In some case Expert skill maybe required with the demand of logistic methods . Vehicle Display in this video is 2004 Nissan Frontier Xterra and Pathfinder with the VG33E and other Nissan VG Engine Model, So VQ Engine May apply. Tool feature is the STANLEY Universal Valve Spring Compressor.

Replace Valve Seals on 350 Chevrolet Video 9
This is how I do valve seals on a Chevrolet head.

Valve seal Replacement
Leaking valve seals cause your engine to smoke when you first start it up, and then it usually runs the rest of the day with no smoke. Usually replacing the valve seals will fix the problem. Here's how to do it. Of course other engines may vary to some degree but the basics are the same.

2 Minute Valve Spring Removal How To.
I'm in the process of rebuilding a Perkins 4 cylinder 236 cubic inch engne (4-236). I had a 4-248 engine originally but it had a hole in the block so I bought a 4-236. This is the head from the 4-248. The heads are the same so I'm rebuilding both. This is just a quick how to remove the valve springs with a hammer and deep socket. The head will require some cleaning of rusty passages since the Exhaust pipe wasn't blocked from rain and snow. Its a simple procedure and can be done inhouse. Most times you would put a rag in the cumbustion chamber to keep the valves from going down with smack of the hammer but these valves are rust stuck so I didn't use a rag this time. When you put the valves back in you would definitely use the rag method for the valves. Most older engines can be done this way. Chev, Dodge or my favorite Ford can be done this way. I'm not sure about the newer engines but it might be worth a try. This is just my experience with valve spring removal and you can expect similar results with similar head setups. You could also do this method with the head still on the engine as long as you pressurize the cylinder. That would be another howto video that is probably already posted on Youtube. I'll be posting a video of inhouse valve spring installation when I'm ready to put this head back together.