CTS-V fun

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Supercharged CTS-V donuts
Supercharged CTS-V burning rubber on the courts.

CTS-V Drifting at PPIR

900HP Cadillac Mobster Cts-V Drift Sesh!!!!
Having fun in our 2012 Cts-V Mobster Edition!! A little "blowing off some steam" in our shop car mid winter.... Enjoy!!!

Fun With a 900HP CTSV And Lamborghini Huracán!!
Just some fun in Mexico... Follow me on Instagram: tshenphotography Follow me on Flickr: TshenPhotography Instagram: http://instagram.com/tshenphotography Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98808441@N06/ Thanks for watching!! Please rate, comment, and subscribe!!