(HD) Car Rally: State Trooper shuts down highway (2/3)

Here is some footage of a state trooper pulling onto the highway and shutting it down ahead of cars. There were reports of quite a few cars driving "spiritedly" on the highway, and the troopers acted very quickly and seriously about it.

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(HD) More State Troopers
The first trooper appeared to follow our car rally by rolling over grassy areas on and off until reaching our highway. The other arrived later on after following another car into our meet.

Police Shut Down I-95 For 200 Exotic Cars
Police Shut Down I-95 For 200 Exotic Cars on The Toys 4 Tots Rally 2010

Michigan State Police - Specialized Truck Enforcement Team (STET)
A Specialized Truck Enforcement Team (STET) happens at random locations at random times to allow officers the element of surprise in areas not accustom to having overwhelming commercial vehicle enforcement. Some STET operations can be initiated due to an officer making contact with the same carrier and finding the same general violations. STETs are also formed as a result of a citizen (or driver) complaint. We have STETs to address driver and vehicle violations in areas with commercial vehicle traffic. STETs can be general enforcement in nature, or they can be very specific, e.g., hazardous materials, equipment inspections, driver violations. STETs can be conducted at anytime in any place. And they're are also used for weight enforcement on various roads throughout the state of Michigan. For most STET operations, all officers from the district or region will report to the same area. Sometimes the STET can be spread out along a roadway corridor, or it can be narrowed down to small section of a road/highway. (Video edited and filmed by Raymond Holt of the Michigan State Police's Media Production Center.)

Cop almost hits biker and pulls him over
skip from 1:10-3:10 hes just running my license. I was riding straight in my own lane and this cop swerved into my lane, and came within 6 inches from hitting my front tire. He claimed I was weaving in and out of traffic which is a bunch of bs. He was not in a squad car so he called in the biker cops to pull me over. I did NOT get a ticket. OBVIOUSLY FILMED FROM MY CELL PHONE.