97 chevy malibu on dubs

my car still in the makin, jus a lil somethin for now till i get the money right. hate it or love it peace!

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the '97 malibu v6
witness the raw fury of god's most damned creation. born from demon's flesh and raised by creatures of the dark. i give you the chevy malibu.

2005 Chevy Malibu on 20s
2005 Chevy Malibu on 20''s

Outrageous Chevy Malibu on 24's - HD
bnj audio Famu homecoming 2011

this is my 1999 chevy malibu (base) on deuces (22" velocity rims)... low pro tires (235/ 30 zr/ 22) with adaptors because i was being cheap and didnt get the actual suspension i needed for them to sit flush (not poking out) lol. i plan on getting 24s later when i get that lift and a V6 in my shit cus i dont wanna mess up my lil 4cyl with them big ass 4's lol... or if i dont feel like going thru the motions with the engine then imma just get sum new rims with thicker tires (one size thicker), lift it and paint my car candy red with sum 10% tints on the windows. all that is gonna cost is about $1700.00... oooo I caint wait for niggas to start haten lol