Porsche 956 & 962 Collection at Salon Prive

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Ferrari 599GTO test video
We were filming a collection of cars yesterday which included a lot of track filming. What I really needed was a Russian arm attached to a big 4x4, but they cost upwards of £7000 per day to rent so I had to improvise to get the low shots. Here's a short test video. All filmed from the back of a Range Rover. The biggest downside is that the aerodynamics of the RR sucks in a the dust and crap on the track and Exhaust fumes. The same clip 3 times, but with different effects that show you how much software can help with filming. The last segment has been given a Top Gear look. No car audio recorded. That had to be done seperately from inside the car. Thanks to http://www.universalclassiccarsstorage.com. The best vehicle storage facility in the UK.

Ernies custom Ferrari 348 exhaust system
Legendary Ferrari Chat user Ernie, gives us a taste of his custom built 348 Exhaust system. Filmed via Skype.

McLaren 570S Coupe
Raw footage supplied by McLaren Cars. Edited by fGear. Royalty free music (Title: Aftermath) licensed by PremiumBeat.com.

Salon Prive
Salon Prive event. Filmed in 2012