Porsche 956 & 962 Collection at Salon Prive

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Salon Prive
Salon Prive event. Filmed in 2012

St James Concours 2013
Some of the most rare and historic cars in the world took part in the St James Concours held in London in 2013

Benetton F1 & Ferrari Enzo together on a race track
This is a short preview of two iconic cars on the Brands Hatch track. Longer version will be coming soon. Everything was done at the last minute so I was making things up as I went along. We managed to get two GoPro2 cameras on the Enzo driven by Chris Green of Autofficina. I was sitting in the back of the Range Rover with a video camera which is why it was in shot. Many thanks to John in the F1, the Chief Driving Instructor of Brands Hatch and all others at Brands hatch who drove the Range Rover, Chris Green in the Enzo, Neil for helping with the Harness and everyone else who made it possible.

Exagon Furtive-eGT : The electric supercar
A new 400bhp electric supercar from Exagon. Motors 2 Siemens water-cooled motors (148 kW each) Power: 402 hp from 5,000 to 10,000 rpm Torque: 516 Nm from 0 to 5,000 rpm Battery SAFT lithium-ion batterie without memory effect and highly recyclable Capacity: 53 kWh Minimum battery capacity after 3,000 cycles (= ± 10 years): over 80% Chassis/bodywork Carbon fibre and honeycomb monocoque weighing 124 kg All-carbon fibre bodywork Beringer brakes developed specially for the Furtive-eGT Front brakes: ventilated disc (380 mm). Callipers with 6 pistons Rear brakes: ventilated disc (360 mm). Callipers with 4 pistons Deceleration: 1.2 G (one of the best braking performances in the world) Energy recovery during deceleration and braking Front wheel: 8.5’’x 20’’ Rear wheel: 11’’x 20’’ Front tyres: Michelin PSS 245/35 ZR20 Rear tyres: Michelin PSS 305/30 ZR20 Transmission and suspensions Type of transmission: rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential Gearbox: three-speed, automated gearbox with constant torque developed by Exagon Double wishbone suspension front and rear made of Cobapress aluminium http://www.exagon-motors.com