BMW S1000RR with Austin Racing exhaust & Bazzaz & MWR airfilter drag testing 2

BMW S1000RR with Shift Assist & Austin Racing ARCS Exhaust + Bazzaz (ZFi + Z-AFM) + BST carbon fiber wheels + MWR airfilter. This is a high 9 sec run. My best time is 9.770 with a 1.808 sec 60ft and trap speed of 246.19 km/h (153 MPH)

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BMW S1000RR - Austin Racing Exhaust - GoPro Hero 4 Blk - 4K
Filtering through traffic in a tunnel in Central London on a 2010 BMW S1000RR with Austin Racing Exhaust. Making a lot of Noise with the Backfires from the Quickshifter. Filmed on a GoPro HD Hero 4 Black Edition at 4K 25FPS. Audio recorded on GoPro also.

BMW S1000rr GEN 1 TaylorMade Racing Exhaust Fitment
For the Gen2 installation video, click here: Taylor Made Racing Full Exhaust Fitment Video. GENERATION 1

BMW S1000RR Austin Racing FULL System

BMW S1000RR 8.78s with Austin Racing full GP3 exhaust system & BrenTuning ECU reflash
BMW S1000RR with Ported head by Brent Sinclair- Austin Racing GP3 full Exhaust - Brentuning ECU reflash device - MWR HE Air Filter - BST wheels - Ceramic wheel bearings, 6" stretch, lowered, Brock's Performance clutch mod & heavy spring kit & front strap kit, APE Clutch, -1 front sprocket Rider Fahmeem Zahran set a new record on my bike of 8.78s with a 60ft of 1.484s & still on 91 pump gas & Conti SportAttack2 street tire