GTR / R35 in car with exhaust cruise & downshift

Meisterschaft SUS quad tip Exhaust Meisterschaft Resonated Y-Pipe Catless Downpipes In car drive. Sorry its soo wobbly i just held it in my hand :) Car was to be tuned with haltech, but had an issue with the ecu so i could not floor the gas to show u a full Boost run, i will have this tuned and new video up tommorrow.

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Driving behind a LOUD GT-R in Queens - Downshifts and Accelerations
Footage from this past Friday night of my friend and I driving behind a really good sounding GT-R in Queens, NYC. At the end you can see the Manhattan skyline as we're getting on the Queensboro Bridge. Enjoy the footage and sound of this sick GT-R!!

RIDE: Insane 700HP Nissan GT-R w/ GTC Titanium Exhaust - Hard Accelerations & Loud Downshifts!
I had an amazing oportunity to ride in this Nissan GT-R with a full GTC Titanium 4 Exhaust System. With more than 700HP, it gives you insane rushes when it accelerates and the speed is overwelming! Big thanks to the owner. Please Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Follow & Like! Instagram: & Facebook: Youtube: Thank you for your support!

TRU POV: Drive a Nissan GT-R
In this video I go for a relaxed cruise in a 2009 Nissan GT-R. I realize I'm not driving very fast, but because the speedometer is so clearly displayed, speeding way over the speed limit wouldn't be a good idea. "Like" the Facebook page for more updates!

GTR Meisterschaft Interior Cruise Noise
Catless turbo Back with Meisterschaft Exhaust. R35 GTR