bye bye rx7

my much loved rx7 has sold and has gone to sweden :(

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407 whp rx-7 vs. 550+ whp 03 cobra rematch 2 of 2
we both got a good hit here. he did the beeps. i shifted a little to short from 3-4 and he began pulling me but i let 4th ride out and pulled pretty well.

Superior Imports - Mazda Rx7 -99
For sale at For more information about this car pleas visit Filmat med Canon Legria HF20 + Raynox Semi Fisheye x.03 -+ Sony Vegas Movie HD + Magic Bullet Looks + Hemmabyggd Glidetrack

Mazda RX-7

Dragon Performance RX7 idling
Dragon Performance's RX7 before it went out on track at Castle Combe, Japfest 2009