How to Unclog A Garbage Disposal

How to Unclog A Garbage Disposal insinkerator

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How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal
How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal. Garbage disposals are simple machines--basically a motor and a flywheel with impeller arms that spin and shred whatever they touch. Sometimes, though, the machine can jam on a bottle top or other debris, or trip a circuit breaker when it's overloaded. If that happens, you just need to take a quick step or two to repair it. Read more:

My Garbage Disposal is Running But Not Draining
My garbage disposal is running but not draining. Why is that? Do the blades spin? I think so. How would I know without looking down into a scene better suited to a horror movie? If the garbage disposal makes that awful loud grinding but not gurgling, it's probably clogged. If it only hums, the motor is dead or the blades are jammed. It's louder than a hum. If the water is spinning in there or the sink water is agitated, you know the blades are going. That means the drain is clogged, and that the motor is running. I know you shouldn't put your fingers down there to clear it if you want to keep them. First, turn off the power to the disposal. Then you need to clear the drain. I think my mother used wooden spoons. Dad considered the broom handle safer. You can actually use a plunger to try to clear it. It feels weird using a toilet plunger in a sink. What's stuck in the garbage disposal is no worse than what's stuck in the kitchen sink. Oh, and if you have a dual sink, you need to plunge both sides. What do I do next? Run cold water through the sink to wash down what you've tried to loosen up. Then run the disposal. I have a feeling that might not work. Plunging should push the gunk back and forth, breaking some of it up. You may need to plunge it more while the water runs to clear it all. This sounds like a lot of work. In the future, don't put stuff like egg shells, large chunks of food and grease down the drain. That's a lot of work. Is it harder than unclogging a garbage disposal?

Clogged Garbage Disposal
Clogged Garbage Disposal from featuring HandymanTeacher Hub Kirkpatrick. Don't pay someone else for garbage disposal repair. Learn to do it yourself and save money!

Freeing A Jammed Garbage Disposal
How to free up a jammed garbage disposal.